Writer's Block.

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JackkDaniels By JackkDaniels Updated 3 years ago
Every one gets it.
mynameizbri mynameizbri 5 months ago
This is beautiful and relatable. I'm in awe at the power this poem holds. Lovely work <3
Chiki-Vim Chiki-Vim 8 months ago
So descriptive, and accurate to what we all feel. you beautifully captured this feeling into your poem.
WarpedCoriolis WarpedCoriolis a year ago
Wow.....You have a real gift for poetry. This was beautiful!
bibliobibuli_me bibliobibuli_me a year ago
A really great way to described a writer's block! I love this poem!
cupcake1439 cupcake1439 a year ago
nice poem. Its like the ultimate truth. Writers block is the worst.
SummerHayz SummerHayz a year ago
Boy can I relate! That was deep, and so relatable! Great job! :)