Sullied Heartbreaker

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emorockibilly09 By emorockibilly09 Updated 4 months ago
He's your first boyfriend and first kiss.
He told you the same.
You're a virgin and he's thinking to do that 'thing'. But you refused to.
Things became complicated.
You found out that he's having an affair with your bestfriend.
You were hurt and wanted to end your life.
But what happened after, you were devirginized by somebody you don't thought so.
Things became much worse.
You promised to take revenge on your man and your bestfriend and left your home. And there, it happened.
You came back, stronger, determined and heartless. Why?
Because you're now the Heartbreaker. You live with every man's nightmare... Just because him.
nymphetamine27 nymphetamine27 2 years ago
gracias!! sa pag dedicate babwezzzzzzzz
grrrr @emorockibilly09
Deep_Breaths Deep_Breaths 3 years ago
I haven't read much but what I read was REALLY good way better then what I could write!!! Good job!! :-D
yanyanyaneeeeey yanyanyaneeeeey 3 years ago
Wow! Galing naman. Halos pareho kasi yung title ng story nito doon sa dalawang favorite ko na story. Wala lang.. baka lang alam mo yung storyang iyon. btw, memoirs of a ruthless heartbreaker at victim of a sullied past nga pala yung kwento na tinutukoy ko. Hehe. :D
livingonapray3r livingonapray3r 3 years ago
it is actually really good ill vote for it and put it on my read later on my reading list :)
takenbyseoul_ takenbyseoul_ 3 years ago
Woow,, Like Woow Wooow Woow,, Girll You Have Some Kwll Talent!!! 
No Jokes,, Reading On!
Obviously *Voted* =)
famous_ria famous_ria 3 years ago
walang pinipiling estado sa buhay ang love....kusa na lang itong dumarating.....diba???