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Juggyboy By Juggyboy Updated a year ago
He was broken, depressed and drunken and so was she, and there’s nowhere else run to but in each other’s sanctuary and with the effect of the alcohol, THEY DID IT. And then Bianca, knew weeks after that what happened bear something in her body. Now, what will she do? Will she seek for the father? Let the baby live? – FIND OUT AS YOU READ THE STORY. :)
ProjHappyness ProjHappyness a year ago
oh my! medyo pareho pala tayo ng story. hehehe! will still read this. very interesting. :)
lettah lettah a year ago
Add ko na sa Library ko Author, I am really sure maganda eto. XD
dami na akong nabasa na stories dito sa Watty, Alam ko interesting at kakaiba toh and isa eto sa gustong gusto kong basahin. :) 
Thank You Author!
mendiolamonique mendiolamonique 2 years ago
i'll start reading you got my attention hahaha :)) i hope it's a good story :))
EuniceLucente EuniceLucente 2 years ago
Ngayon lang ako napunta dito!! hihi I think it's the one of the best stories here in watty!! :)) mukang interesting!! :DD
weezah weezah 2 years ago
hayy..grabe!!! SUPER GANDA ng story!!! galing mo! *clap! clap! clap!* 

thesimple thesimple 2 years ago
PANALO!!! prologue pa lang yan ah,,
TAMA! ka ms. author sa note mo sa baba..hehehe..