My Brother Happens To Be Louis Tomlinson

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_NovelGeek By _NovelGeek Updated 3 years ago
Skye Tomlinson lived with her mom in peace.  Her brother, Louis Tomlinson, was out and about in the world doing his music thing with the other four guys.  Skye had never met the other four boys  but she is a major fan of them.  When her mom decides to send her to visit Louis, she meets Harry Styles.  Instantly, she knows there may be something more than friendship there.  Read on to find out if things stay the same or progress.

( My name used to be OneDirection101 but is now NovelGeek. )
Ashtyn123 Ashtyn123 3 years ago
I would die if I was even though he's my bro that would be amazing. Louis is soo hot
Guy_Directioner Guy_Directioner 3 years ago
LLN! :) x I love this story! Its AMAZAYN!(See what I did there?) Anyway, I laughed out loud when Skye called the fans! Hahahahahaha :P Your an amazayn writer! Keep it up! :) xx
ILoves1Direction ILoves1Direction 3 years ago
haha I love this story! It's funny cause my friends and I were just talking about how I needed to have been Lou's sister... Haha :) x
L1veNotJustSurv1ve L1veNotJustSurv1ve 3 years ago
It was really good but I felt a bit rushed. We don't know anything about Skye. Overall it was awesome!!
HannaODonnell HannaODonnell 3 years ago
Of course one direction <3 ahhh.. Naill- sweet, funny and how can you not love hes laugh! anyways love it! Adding to fav's!
BlackRider19 BlackRider19 3 years ago
OMG IT'S A HARRY STYLES FF!!!!! AAAAH!!!!!! haha yeah Harry's my fave too :P anyway this a great start - I shall read on now! TO THE TARDIS!!!!!


I don't even watch Doctor Who so idk where the heck that came from -_-