Humor Me

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_light By _light Updated 3 years ago
Laughter: Medicine for the depressed
KattieUlloa KattieUlloa 2 years ago
Very random and weird, but thats what makes it funny :) i get the randomness tho xD
hookedonbooks hookedonbooks 3 years ago
@light yeah i kinda figured:) it's funny in a weird sort of way if you get what I'm saying.
i loooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeed it the randomness was the best
love it
ZaryaTroendle ZaryaTroendle 3 years ago
Ahh I love this!! Trying not to laugh just makes you laugh harder lol
Readmedotcom Readmedotcom 3 years ago
and thats what they call a story people!!!! I actually thought you didnt want me to laugh, so i read this really quickly and tried so hard not to laugh!
SugarLips SugarLips 3 years ago
I believe you are utterly insane, yet undoubtly genious :) You have my vote, and my laugh :D