Hall: a Strangled Cry for Help.

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_JunebugEmma By _JunebugEmma Updated 11 months ago
The first handle is silver. It lets the innocent into the hellhole called the Hall.

Inside each golden-knobbed room is a horrible and grotesque murder scene and a canvas. On the canvas depicts just how that person fell dead.

At the end of the Hall is another silver-knobbed door, strikingly familiar to only the victim. Once he enters, the victim stares into his own canvas of what is about to happen to him.

And he dies. And the handle turns gold. And another silver-handled door appears.
afarleman afarleman 2 years ago
Are u gonna keep updating???? I hope u will it sounds gray so far!!! I can't wait to read more!!!!
MyPanicParade MyPanicParade 2 years ago
Omg. This is fantastic c'; 
I hope you keep on writing this as this caught my interest«3 
Starkid4ever Starkid4ever 2 years ago
Oh. My. GOSH. That was F*CKING AMAZING. And freakishly creepy. But mostly F*CKING AWESOME!