One Moment (Prequel)

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_gisellelives By _gisellelives Updated 11 months ago
Chris has come to cope with the fact that he's madly, irrationally, and unchangeably in love with Megan Fishburne. Problem is, Megan is in love with her abusive boyfriend and subsequently will die her senior year. It's amazing how one moment can be the difference between life and death. 

This is indeed a prequel to my short story "One Moment" :) Choose to read either one first!
TiffBaby TiffBaby 2 years ago
Hey This isn't working. It's not showing all the story:/ I uploaded was reading and updated and only ch 1,2,13, and the last are showing up
Impossible_Heart Impossible_Heart 2 years ago
That is the sort of first paragraph I like, something that instantly makes you interested.
I was once given advice not to mention specifics when detailing characters.
Okay that first paragraph was good, like I said, but only just carried the rest of this page which was, sadly, quite boring.
destacia destacia 3 years ago
This is so cute so far, and the beginning was really hooking! And I really really really like Chris so far, and so far the story is not cliché at all, and third person fits the plot perfectly. I didn't find any mistakes, good job c: (Sorry it took so long for my comment)
Mysterious_Writer Mysterious_Writer 3 years ago
I think i had a mini  heart attach when i read that first sentence...and it said die i was like WHAT and i ended up re reading that 3 times so def a great hook on! and lol the nerdiness made me :') well at least some of us can relate to that
thatcrazybookworm thatcrazybookworm 3 years ago
The first sentence definitely grabbed my attention! You did a great job describing his awkward nerdiness towards her! It was cute :) 
Good luck in the Watty's :)
LilyRedRidingHood LilyRedRidingHood 3 years ago
awww cute! i think this is really unique and you have a really good writing style, no mistakes I can spot! great job :D