You Promised, You Broke It (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

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MarieGomez4 By MarieGomez4 Updated 6 months ago
All the promises he made....he broke them. He said he wouldn't forget me....he did. After a few weeks of him staying with me, he remembered me. He tried to say sorry, but I didn't take it. All the songs I wrote in my note pad, all about him. He promised and he broke it...
jasminm67845664 jasminm67845664 a year ago
Awsome story but srsly fame can get into someones head cant wait for the next update
AlyssaTorres AlyssaTorres a year ago
Good start. Very good actually. Keep writing! If you need help I'm one click away! :-)
Belieber_Dana Belieber_Dana a year ago
hey ;) the Story is really cool, I justin wanted to say that I would name the Story : The promise you broke or something like that :)