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Those Three Little Words

Those Three Little Words (No longer available)

30 pages, updated Apr 21, 2013
When you love someone, you are willing to go through good and bad times together. Love is not all about good times, it is about supporting each other when times are rough. ♥
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Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes

12 parts / 16 pages, updated Mar 24, 2013Pictures
Hi, my imaginary online readers! Okay, jk about the imaginary part(still, I hope somebody's reading this). This is my first time to write a short story. I hope yo... read more
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Kingdom Flaws

Kingdom Flaws

16 parts / 102 pages, updated Jul 03, 2012Completed
Nemesis always wanted to be a Knight where she would be a hero one day. Yet, because she's a girl she got stuck being a guard for one of the seven princesses of the seven kin... read more
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Living With One Direction

Living With One Direction

28 parts / 50 pages, updated Jan 02, 2013VideoPicturesCompleted
   How would you feel if your family got in a car crash and died? Where would you go? What would you do? Meet Chloe Davis. She's 17. What she doesn't know, is tha... read more
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Moments. - Harry Styles love story

Moments. - Harry Styles love story (No longer available)

49 parts / 80 pages, updated Sep 02, 2012
Meet Samantha Martin, a girl who never knew that she would one day be wrapped around Harry Styles' arms. Who could've thought that two different people, wou... read more
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