• Another Naruto Story 2
    • PonyboyUzumaki
    • 26 parts
    8.5K 255

  • Love is all (sasunaru)
    • TheWildDinosaur
    • 5 parts
    5.3K 142

    A story of which Sasuke and Naruto discover their love for each other.

  • Don't you forget it~NaruSasu
    • animefreakk
    • 10 parts
    • Updated 8 months ago
    5K 197

    Hello, so basically this is the first fanfiction I've written. I hope it's not too bad c: Please comment and tell me if it's shit and how to improve it, thanks...

  • Sasuke to Naruto no Vampire Monogatari
    • MatsuriKazehana98
    • 5 parts
    • Updated 7 months ago
    2.9K 106

    Sasuke's a vampire out to avenge his clan's death. Naruto is a Jinchuriki for the kyuubi who wreaked havoc on the Leaf Village. They never expected to fall in...

  • Kazune Fuyu {Sasuke x oc x Naruto}
    • Miharu97
    • 9 parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    2.9K 116

    He was very different than the rest of them, and he only liked a few. Join him in his adventure of lust, blood, and action! I don't own Naruto or the pictures!

  • Ready, Set, Go! (Sasunaru fanfiction)
    • Harbour-
    • 6 parts
    • Updated 9 months ago
    2.1K 103

    Come one! Come all! The annual Konoha Moto Gp grand Pix is about to start! It's a race against time to see the two highschoolers Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzuma...

  • Obeyed ( a sasunaru)
    • Claymoreprincess
    • 9 parts
    • Updated a month ago
    2.7K 150

  • Do you remember? (kakanaru)
    • zillasgirlfriend
    • 9 parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    5.6K 244

    This is a love story between Kakashi Hatake and Naruto Uzumaki.(Obviously ) This is my first fanfic. There will be DEATH, SEX, BETRAYAL, and DRAMA. And most im...

  • Betrayal ((A SasuNaru Fanfiction))
    • I_Yaoi_Lover_I
    • 6 parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    7K 298

    I'm sorry but I am terrible when it come to summaries. So long story short, Sasuke leaves Naruto for Sakura. After 5 years of lying to himself about who he lo...