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Remember to Breathe (Liam Payne Fan Fiction) (No longer available)

1 page, updated Jul 10, 2012
71 reads votes 4 comments 2
The Perfect Sky Is Torn

The Perfect Sky Is Torn

23 parts / 63 pages, updated Sep 03, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles (of One Direction) have been best friends from the beginning, helping each other through everything. And along the crazy ride of b... read more
136,459 reads votes 2,285 comments 482

You and I (Harry Styles Fan Fiction) (No longer available)

2 pages, updated May 04, 2012Pictures
4,050 reads votes 35 comments 9

Wide Awake (Larry Stylinson - Look After You Sequel) (No longer available)

1 page, updated Jun 20, 2012PG
769 reads votes 38 comments 28
The Bet

The Bet

31 parts / 82 pages, updated Aug 28, 2011PG-13Completed
What if the only thing seperating you from your crush was a kiss? Amy never thought that she would be hanging out with the popular kids. But after having made a bet with Chris, Amy... read more
2,806,301 reads votes 31,493 comments 4,656
Living With Damon and Stefan

Living With Damon and Stefan

100 parts / 333 pages, updated May 04, 2012PG-13Completed
Marni is 14. She lives with Damon and Stefan Salvatore in the Salvatore bording house. She also has powers; she can control the elements. She is about to start school at Mystic Falls High. Will things go as normaly as she thinks it will?
8,116,005 reads votes 40,513 comments 8,354