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Never Talk Back To A Gangster! [FIRST HALF]

Never Talk Back To A Gangster! [FIRST HALF]

93 parts / 22 pages, updated May 03, 2012PG-13PrivateCompleted
BOOK TWO NG TALK BACK AND YOU'RE DEAD! =) It's in my list of Works in my profile, just click -- Book One-28 Parts.. After Two Years, makita na kaya ni Samantha ang tinatawag na Happy Ending. But the real question is, with who?
15,801,114 reads votes 217,689 comments 61,707

Wildest Desires (On Hold-Not For Long) (No longer available)

4 pages, updated Feb 04, 2012R
2,624 reads votes 32 comments 18
Twin Obsessions (Adult, Menage) Editing

Twin Obsessions (Adult, Menage) Editing

34 parts / 105 pages, updated May 06, 2012RPicturesCompleted
**EXTREME ADULT CONTENT!**Jesse has spent the last two years hiding from herself as well as everyone else around her but that changes when her boss's tw... read more
11,263,079 reads votes 140,535 comments 15,263
My Three Mates??? *On Hold*

My Three Mates??? *On Hold*

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Jan 31, 2012R
Co-Written by QueenOfTheEdibles & ff67wifey. Over 18's ONLY. There she stood nerves rising high, the time had come to accept what was her fate. Her body heated u... read more
89,599 reads votes 1,036 comments 205
Naughty Files (R Rated)

Naughty Files (R Rated)

10 parts / 69 pages, updated Jul 11, 2012RPictures
This is a Collection of R rated Sexual short Stories.... ranging from Office, Cowboy, Outside, Police officers, Firemen, Basically any men in uniforms, I have a thin... read more
1,328,386 reads votes 9,793 comments 778
The Seductress and The Gangster

The Seductress and The Gangster

6 parts / 5 pages, updated May 06, 2012PGPictures
Ang Gangster...Di lang siya HOT na gangster ha pero...un-socialize siya!!!! Hindi siya friendly! hindi pala imik... BASTA opposite na opposite ng Seductres... read more
2,784 reads votes 38 comments 0
Talk Back And You're DEAD! [BOOK1-28Parts-COMPLETE]

Talk Back And You're DEAD! [BOOK1-28Parts-COMPLETE]

28 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 11, 2011RVideoCompleted
Will be available to all leading bookstores nationwide. Coming this 4th week of July 2013. For more informations please like the PSICOM official page on Facebook. Or follow us on twitter @alesana_marie @officialPSICOM
5,739,674 reads votes 65,705 comments 13,859
Ang Boyrfriend kong Manloloko [[COMPLETE]] HEAVY EDITING

Ang Boyrfriend kong Manloloko [[COMPLETE]] HEAVY EDITING

37 parts / 47 pages, updated Apr 08, 2013RCompleted
344,251 reads votes 2,533 comments 846
BOY meets GIRL-Series#1 (Completed) by Aya Del Sol

BOY meets GIRL-Series#1 (Completed) by Aya Del Sol

86 parts / 77 pages, updated Dec 11, 2011PG-13Completed
It's a story of RIVALRY and PRIDE. Japanese versus Pinay BOY versus GIRL. Pero pwede kayang maging SWEET LOVE STORY??..
243,797 reads votes 1,842 comments 419
A Special Night to Remember #1

A Special Night to Remember #1 (No longer available)

78 parts / 183 pages, updated Oct 28, 2011PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Hindi maitatangi ni Cassandra ang katotohanang si Tyler Mondragon ang pinaka guwapong lalaki na nakilala niya sa buong dalawampu't pitong taon niya sa mundo. ... read more
738,206 reads votes 5,856 comments 755
Deal Breaker

Deal Breaker

53 parts / 145 pages, updated Apr 16, 2012
Dominic Salazar. A lost boy. A broken man. After his first heart break, he learned to put a wall around him. Until one faithful day, a girl bumped into his life and crushe... read more
1,122,841 reads votes 8,135 comments 1,237
Their Story

Their Story

65 parts / 160 pages, updated Mar 18, 2011PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
don't read this and if you do please refrain from any negativity! Criticism is accepted. ***CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH SOME EDITING****
4,928,739 reads votes 18,494 comments 2,429
The Arranged Marriage

The Arranged Marriage

84 parts / 223 pages, updated Feb 03, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
Arranged Marriage. Not everyone is pleased with this agreement but there's this one girl who experienced the true meaning of HAPPINESS and LOVE yet she let it slipped away. Now, can she return him back?
1,900,578 reads votes 11,512 comments 1,921
For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (PUBLISHED)

For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (PUBLISHED)

57 parts / 14 pages, updated Nov 26, 2013PG-13Completed
Published under Pop Fiction! Grab your copy! :)
7,744,803 reads votes 48,224 comments 6,954
My Sex Slave

My Sex Slave

25 parts / 27 pages, updated Dec 17, 2012RPictures
Is it wrong to use her for my pleasure? Is it wrong to make her my slave? In the first place, why would heavens make sex feel good if they don't want us to repeat it again and again? Yes, she's my sex slave.
1,232,516 reads votes 6,296 comments 793
Falling in Love with my Husband:)

Falling in Love with my Husband:) (No longer available)

30 parts / 47 pages, updated Dec 16, 2011PG-13Completed
Please read. Comment and vote. Thank you. Completed na po. GBU
161,950 reads votes 1,385 comments 186
IF YOU SEE KAYE (Finished)

IF YOU SEE KAYE (Finished)

32 parts / 69 pages, updated Nov 20, 2011PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
This story is a not so ordinary story, so its better na read the prologue first This story is di pwede sa mga bata,,, kasi may mga bagay na para lang sa mga matan... read more
75,575 reads votes 686 comments 151
My Gangster Husband. (ON-HOLD)

My Gangster Husband. (ON-HOLD)

44 parts / 98 pages, updated Mar 31, 2013PG-13Pictures
Meet Hannah. Laging masayahin at 'angel' nga kung maituturing. Maging 'angel' pa rin kaya siya kung malalaman niyang ikakasal siya sa 'devil' na si Dylan? Isang gangster at walang alam sa buhay kundi makipag-away?
6,651,561 reads votes 84,570 comments 24,039