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The Shy Girl Has a Gun

The Shy Girl Has a Gun

49 parts / 161 pages, updated Nov 05, 2011PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Faith Mitchell was never confident. She was happy to blend into the background, much to the protest of her friends. At 16, her life was a normal teenage cliche. She ... read more
17,906,539 reads votes 320,000 comments 76,442

Rebellious Love (No longer available)

1 page, updated Apr 04, 2012PG-13
49 reads votes 15 comments 10
Insert Memory Here

Insert Memory Here

6 parts / 12 pages, updated Oct 13, 2011
Maggie wakes up in the hospital with no memory of who she was. As she slowly discovers her past and meets people along the way (including a bookish friend, a dysfunction... read more
1,385 reads votes 34 comments 14
Morcroftt Hall (complete)

Morcroftt Hall (complete)

159 pages, updated May 01, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
Avaline is an average 17 year old girl, until she is kidnapped and placed in a boarding school. But it isn't just any ordinary boarding school, it is a school ran ... read more
3,883,363 reads votes 25,436 comments 2,278
The Bro Code

The Bro Code

21 parts / 72 pages, updated Oct 16, 2012PG-13Completed
Rule number 4: If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time: A) Was a bro's ex-girlfriend. B) Your bro specifically told you h... read more
14,218,919 reads votes 224,236 comments 48,800
7 Suicidal Videos

7 Suicidal Videos

31 parts / 24 pages, updated Dec 30, 2011Completed
Sierra Anderson is dead. She comitted suicide, and while doing it she made a video, and sent it to 7 people. If you recieved it then you were a reason she killed herself. Within a week she will come for you.
2,222,443 reads votes 19,050 comments 3,253

The Poor Girl and The Rich Jerk (No longer available)

1 page, updated Feb 16, 2012PG-13Pictures
9,392 reads votes 72 comments 19
The Sharpie Boy

The Sharpie Boy

8 parts / 17 pages, updated Aug 21, 2011
Melanie used to be a cutter. Every day, her foster brother, Skylar, draws beautiful scenes over her scars in Sharpie. But when things take a turn for the worse, Mel can't he... read more
15,035 reads votes 302 comments 97

CRIES OF LIES (No longer available)

1 page, updated Dec 10, 2011
74 reads votes 15 comments 8
"I Don't Like Ugly Girls."

"I Don't Like Ugly Girls."

18 parts / 30 pages, updated Jun 13, 2013PG-13Pictures
Isabelle never thought she was beautiful but she thought she was at least average. So when her boyfriend tells her that their relationship was just a bet he made ... read more
118,627 reads votes 2,221 comments 585
Locked in a School with my Hot Teacher and a Killer?

Locked in a School with my Hot Teacher and a Killer?

69 parts / 191 pages, updated Nov 25, 2011RCompleted
Lyssa has just started summer vacation. Everything seems to be going great until she receives a letter from school asking her to meet up at scho... read more
1,051,131 reads votes 12,648 comments 3,680
The Amazing Book of Insults (for those who suck at insulting)

The Amazing Book of Insults (for those who suck at insulting)

16 parts / 9 pages, updated Apr 14, 2012R
98,760 reads votes 847 comments 397
My summer Love

My summer Love

5 parts / 21 pages, updated May 25, 2012GVideoPictures
Cherrie O'Sullivan is your average teenage girl. She is on a 10 day holiday in Greece. She meets Cam, possibly the hottest guy shes ever met. Any girl with a pulse and in h... read more
925 reads votes 19 comments 16
I'm going out with my friend's ex for revenge but i'm falling in love with him

I'm going out with my friend's ex for revenge but i'm falling in love with him

29 parts / 56 pages, updated May 12, 2010PG
84,002 reads votes 829 comments 188
The Mistress

The Mistress

18 parts / 40 pages, updated Mar 17, 2012PG-13Completed
Megan Chandler is the most beautiful and most seductive person ever- and always get what she wants. men. Until one evening, she met the guy she thought would be the one. But h... read more
106,955 reads votes 934 comments 190
Don't Come Running Back - (COMPLETED)

Don't Come Running Back - (COMPLETED)

28 parts / 82 pages, updated Jan 11, 2012PG-13Completed
16 year old Carly Johnson is cruelly dumped by her long term boyfriend, Darren Cross. Carly is devastated. Then she meets Jared Walker. He's funny, smar... read more
114,084 reads votes 1,315 comments 387
Another Chance at Honey

Another Chance at Honey (No longer available)

20 parts / 26 pages, updated Feb 22, 2012PG-13Completed
Honey Mae is as sweet and kind as her name with the worst boyfriend ever . Phoenix Ryder . He cheats on her . Yet , Honey still loves him , which confuses him compl... read more
8,273 reads votes 219 comments 84
The School: Bad Boy Is A Daddy (SYTYCW)

The School: Bad Boy Is A Daddy (SYTYCW)

41 parts / 183 pages, updated Sep 27, 2013PG-13PicturesCompleted
8,973,734 reads votes 98,345 comments 10,945


1 page, updated Mar 07, 2012Completed
Stop Kony.
12,957 reads votes 429 comments 237
I Dare You! / I Got You! {Completed}

I Dare You! / I Got You! {Completed}

80 parts / 173 pages, updated Nov 14, 2012PG-13Completed
{DISCLAIMER: This story was written 5 years ago and is HIGHLY unedited} I was dared to lay on the hood of his car for five minutes in my bikini. It's not lik... read more
6,154,029 reads votes 48,707 comments 5,457