• Imagine your OTP
    • eternal_fangirl46
    • 89 parts
    • Updated 2 days ago
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    Just imagine. Chapters tagged * means it is not mine.

  • Princess McLean (JIPER)
    • CarmieMc
    • 11 parts
    • Updated 6 months ago
    17.3K 528

    Piper McLean is the princess of Athens. Jason Grace is part of a tiny gang of thief's, always stealing just enough for them to survive. When Princess McLean ge...

  • Percabeth + Jiper One-Shots
    • percyjacksonswift
    • 23 parts
    • Updated 6 months ago
    67.3K 1.3K

    Just some percabeth and jiper one shots! :)

  • Je t'aime, Beauty Queen. ( EDITING )
    • Alexi_luna
    • 26 parts
    11.3K 440

    Piper is new at Bois De Rose. Her father, a famous actor forced her to stay with him in California. But he allowed her for ninth grade to move back to Manhatta...

  • A Crown of Golden Leaves ~ A Percy Jackson AU
    • xXTheDragonRiderXx
    • 28 parts
    • Updated 18 days ago
    34.2K 1.5K

    Annabeth, a princess from the declining kingdom called Greece, must marry the Heir Apparent of Roma, Perseus, in order to save her country and the rapidly expa...

  • Never Ending Winter (A PJO Fanfic) | #Wattys2015
    • c-camisado
    • 14 parts
    • Updated 3 days ago
    3.7K 224

    Gaea was stopped a decade ago, the monsters now reside in Tartarus, and the surviving heroes of Olympus have begun new generations of demigods. Fifteen year ol...