PJO (11)

Imagine your OTP

Imagine your OTP

60 parts / 2 pages, updated May 26, 2015
Just imagine. *some ideas aren't mine*
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Princess McLean (JIPER)

Princess McLean (JIPER)

11 parts / 17 pages, updated Jan 21, 2015
Piper McLean is the princess of Athens. Jason Grace is part of a tiny gang of thief's, always stealing just enough for them to survive. When Princess McLean gets ki... read more
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Percabeth + Jiper One-Shots

Percabeth + Jiper One-Shots

23 parts / 22 pages, updated Dec 29, 2014
Just some percabeth and jiper one shots! :)
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Jiper Plots [Finished]

Jiper Plots [Finished] (No longer available)

13 pages, updated Feb 18, 2014
Jiper Plots. You vote for the best one! I'll make a book out of the winner!
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Je t'aime, Beauty Queen.

Je t'aime, Beauty Queen.

25 parts / 13 pages, updated Apr 02, 2015Completed
Piper is new at Bois De Rose. Her father, a famous actor forced her to stay with him in California. But he allowed her for ninth grade to move back to Manhattan.... read more
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(old) Schizophrenic (REWRITTEN. CHECK OUT THE REWRITTEN VERSION) (No longer available)

16 pages, updated Apr 23, 2015
" this is the old version. read the NEW one please thanks!
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What Happened,Percy?

What Happened,Percy? (No longer available)

4 pages, updated Oct 05, 2014Completed
Annabeth left Percy for college in greece. Piper is furious about what she did,so she makes it up to Percy. In their college, Frosten Universary, Piper introduces Per... read more
3,780 reads votes 249 comments 67
A Crown of Golden Leaves ~ A Percy Jackson AU

A Crown of Golden Leaves ~ A Percy Jackson AU

26 parts / 121 pages, updated May 17, 2015Video
Annabeth, a princess from the declining kingdom called Greece, must marry the Heir Apparent of Roma, Perseus, in order to save her country... read more
29,459 reads votes 1,001 comments 1,385
Never Ending Winter (A PJO Fanfic)

Never Ending Winter (A PJO Fanfic)

9 parts / 36 pages, updated May 11, 2015Video
Gaea was stopped a decade ago, the monsters now reside in Tartarus, and the surviving heroes of Olympus have begun new generations of demigods. Fifteen y... read more
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Reasons Why Mary Shouldn't Roleplay

Reasons Why Mary Shouldn't Roleplay (No longer available)

1 page, updated Mar 13, 2015
Trust me, there's some crazy stuff that goes on.
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Snowed Over

Snowed Over

31 pages, updated Jun 20, 2014
When Elsa and Olaf both go out into town to help with the incredible heat that has knocked out the electricity, it starts to snow. Elsa says it's not her. Olaf claims it's Ja... read more
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