amypondrulz's Reading List

  • The Drummers Boyfriend (LASHTON FANFIC)
    • ashton-irwinn
    • 25 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    199K 6.8K

    Luke and Ashton broke up. Ashton ran away, and 2 months later he becomes the new member of the band 5SOS. Luke is not happy about that. At all. And now its up...

  • Stydia AU
    • Teenwolfandyoutube
    • 82 parts
    • Updated 4 days ago
    88.5K 2.7K

    After Lydia's parents died she had no home and was forced to live with someone unexpected.

  • The Fate of Time | Stydia | Teen wolf
    • stilesismybae
    • 36 parts
    • Updated 20 days ago
    86.8K 2K

    (IF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN TEEN WOLF YOU CAN STILL UNDERSTAND THIS STORY! The first chapter explains.) Basically this is set after Allison and Aiden's death. Lydi...

  • Wrought of Iron and Silk, Book One: The Architects of Ragnarok [2014 Watty Award Winner]
    • MarcellaUva
    • 28 parts
    176K 4.3K

    A WATTPAD FEATURED BOOK! ❧ Book One of "The Architects of Ragnarok" Trilogy. The Twilight of the Gods is an epic woven with fragile and complex threads of t...

  • Gym Teacher [Larry Stylinson AU]
    • Larry_Lashton
    • 36 parts
    • Updated 3 days ago
    969K 42.3K

    When Louis was offered a job as a temporary substitute gym teacher, he really didn't expect to fall for an annoying, rude and irritating 16 year old kid named...

  • Fetus || l.s. ✔
    • JeddieJay
    • 52 parts
    755K 33.2K

    "He had a screechy voice, a god-awful hairstyle, the body of a thirteen year old girl and the mind of a thirteen year old boy. What was there to even fall in l...

  • Dangerous Liaisons [Sterek]
    • BekkaChaos
    • 32 parts
    1.1M 25.2K

    A Sterek fiction. BoyxBoy. When Derek realises that Stiles has become a trigger for him he tries to stay away. He knows that waiting until it passes is the bes...

  • Wanted Most - Larry Stylinson AU
    • LarryWriting
    • 40 parts
    1.9M 44.6K

    Louis Tomlinson is a thief, and a damn good one at that. Most have heard of him. Most don't understand him. And Harry Styles is the FBI agent who can never see...

    Completed   Mature