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'Til Death Do Us Part, Baby (ON HOLD - UNDER REPAIR)

'Til Death Do Us Part, Baby (ON HOLD - UNDER REPAIR) (No longer available)

17 pages, updated Dec 27, 2012
Pebbles is forced into an arranged marriage by her own father. Why? For simple reasons: company merge and inheritance. She’s the only dau... read more
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Souled (ON HOLD - UNDER REPAIR) (No longer available)

16 pages, updated Dec 27, 2012
Are you willing to sell you soul, all for the good of the nation and bask in miserable treacheries of the Underworld? Or will you face death with a fierce scow... read more
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4 parts / 11 pages, updated May 22, 2015
Who’s the girl with the silky waist-length dark brown hair, smoldering greyish blue eyes and kissable pink lips you ask? Well, it’s Destiny Vanderbilt of course. Everyone knows her... read more
523 reads votes 27 comments 21
It's in My Blood

It's in My Blood (No longer available)

44 pages, updated Feb 19, 2013Pictures
Living your life feeling as though the next day was never going to bring you any closer to happiness. That was Raine Addams's life, but you'd never be able to tell. She... read more
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10 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 15, 2013
somethings to remember
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The Oblivion State

The Oblivion State

3 pages, updated Aug 26, 2012Completed
Ruby is in a state where everything is dark an emtpty. She cannot communicate with others and she cannot recieve much help. As she enters this state, she watched her li... read more
38 reads votes 2 comments 5
Strange Love (ON HOLD)

Strange Love (ON HOLD)

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Sep 03, 2012Pictures
Brynn Winters is an average 17 year old girl, she's not the cheerleader but she is certainly not the geek, she is just Brynn. But then the new incredibly HOT teacher... read more
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Shadows in Eternal Rest (On Temporary Hiatus)

Shadows in Eternal Rest (On Temporary Hiatus)

3 parts / 18 pages, updated Nov 06, 2012Pictures
Eliza Varn is a seemingly heartless necromancer and niece to the tyrant who has taken control of the Four Lands. She sets out to foil her uncle... read more
181 reads votes 12 comments 5
Poppies In Winter - A Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction (Editing in Process)

Poppies In Winter - A Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction (Editing in Process)

9 parts / 42 pages, updated Jan 12, 2014
When Poppy Lewis is kidnapped by the Napoleon of Crime, she is hurled into a dangerous game. She is threatened with death to help her kidnap... read more
8,740 reads votes 145 comments 69
Looking. Back.

Looking. Back. (No longer available)

15 pages, updated Oct 04, 2012 Mature
HAS AND IS STILL IS GOING THROUGH EXTREME CONSTRUCTION}Everyone received the message. It wasn't a voice mail or a text message. Everyone saw the live execution on December 28... read more
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My Blind, Beaten, Abused, Mute Female Alpha Mate: Its Complicated {Re-Writing}

My Blind, Beaten, Abused, Mute Female Alpha Mate: Its Complicated {Re-Writing} (No longer available)

29 pages, updated Jun 17, 2013 MaturePictures
Helen lived the the ten years of her life beaten and abused by her father the Alpha and her own twin brother the future Alpha. And on her... read more
10,465 reads votes 233 comments 54
Love Me Not, Alpha

Love Me Not, Alpha (No longer available)

13 parts / 23 pages, updated Mar 30, 2013
Alone and scared of the future, Hannelore shields herself from pain in all possible ways. She won't be able to cope however; she'll break one day. Before she does, there... read more
4,427 reads votes 169 comments 66
Getting me into bed...

Getting me into bed... (No longer available)

7 parts / 8 pages, updated Oct 26, 2012
Danny is the schools badboy known for taking girls virginity. When he is paired with Jade, he makes her his next target, he realises she actually doesnt want him; but ... read more
8,246 reads votes 235 comments 94
Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight (No longer available)

10 parts / 17 pages, updated Sep 04, 2012VideoPictures
I did not know what my future held.At least not until I returned to the lovely town of Wondering Nightfalls.A new identity perhaps was the worst mistake I could and ha... read more
530 reads votes 35 comments 4
All For Addison

All For Addison

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Oct 11, 2012
Janessa has one goal in life, and that's to protect her baby sister Addison.Ever since Janessa ran away with her 3 year old sister from their abusive family, it's been a s... read more
1,403 reads votes 59 comments 25
Road to Dawn {Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction} (KH Watty Awards) {Action/Semi-OC}

Road to Dawn {Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction} (KH Watty Awards) {Action/Semi-OC}

8 parts / 27 pages, updated Aug 18, 2013VideoPictures
Something has always felt slightly off in Eli's life, ever since she fell into a coma two years ago. But she could never have guessed the ... read more
2,967 reads votes 86 comments 24