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Fascination (Completed)

Fascination (Completed) (No longer available)

72 pages, updated Aug 27, 2013Completed
It all started with simple fascination.
2,053,303 reads votes 52,902 comments 6,854
Can This Be True? { A Zalfie Fanfic }

Can This Be True? { A Zalfie Fanfic }

34 parts / 29 pages, updated Jun 16, 2013VideoCompleted
Zoe and Alfie have always been great friends, but has there ever been something more in their relationship? Hello Lovelies! I have finished this fic, but... read more
359,597 reads votes 3,998 comments 509
Hated Love

Hated Love

36 pages, updated Jul 20, 2014PG-13Pictures
A/N: Under Construction [aka Editing] So it's safe to say that this odd piece of work is having a bit of an identity crisis. I'll get back to it when I know how to go forward.... read more
1,962 reads votes 79 comments 32
Our Little Ballerina's (Tiny Dancer Sequel)

Our Little Ballerina's (Tiny Dancer Sequel)

27 parts / 13 pages, updated Aug 10, 2014
Motherhood is hard, there is no denying that fact. But when you're 18 years old, have newborn twins and a fiancée who is in a world famous boyb... read more
175,312 reads votes 2,359 comments 428
Always Here

Always Here (No longer available)

8 pages, updated Apr 29, 2013
Liam and Jess have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but what happens when feelings get in the way of friendship this summer,
233 reads votes 28 comments 13
Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

49 parts / 52 pages, updated Feb 25, 2013PG-13Completed
18 year old professional ballerina Lucy finally got her break she'd been waiting for her whole life, her dream job at the most popular dance school in the world. Being paid to... read more
573,486 reads votes 4,124 comments 685
Locked out of Heaven (One Direction fanfic) ON HOLD!

Locked out of Heaven (One Direction fanfic) ON HOLD! (No longer available)

17 pages, updated May 07, 2013RPictures
Katherine Payne lost her father of cancer 3 months ago and her mother falls in depression and kills herself. Wich leaves Katherine alone ... read more
547 reads votes 0 comments 2
One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines

19 parts / 14 pages, updated Jun 19, 2013Pictures
13,627 reads votes 88 comments 42
Summer Love (On hold, sorry!)

Summer Love (On hold, sorry!) (No longer available)

29 pages, updated Aug 30, 2013PG-13
A summer full of moments. A heart full of songs. A mouth full of laughter. A camp full of teenagers. Will all of this keep strong through the lives of Hannah, Louis, Harry, and Heather? Or will it all fade into memories, along with their love?
885 reads votes 30 comments 67
Summer Love (Narry)

Summer Love (Narry)

25 parts / 51 pages, updated Feb 08, 2013RCompleted
Two different boys, Harry Styles and Niall Horan, one wants to please and the other likes to tease were forced to live with each other in a summer house in France for tw... read more
117,818 reads votes 3,151 comments 335


28 parts / 119 pages, updated Jan 02, 2014VideoPictures
❝Why do we adore the ones who ignore us, but ignore the ones who adore us?❞ Caught up in a series of mixed love triangles. The girls from Little Mix have just made it to the top... read more
304,070 reads votes 4,398 comments 914
A Lot Of Love Hate - A Lilo/Narry fanfic:

A Lot Of Love Hate - A Lilo/Narry fanfic:

52 parts / 195 pages, updated Dec 25, 2014RCompleted
Why did I have to fall for Louis? He's a total nightmare to begin with, we drive each other completely insane. I hate how my entire life now revolves around him, and the fact that he's my next door neighbour probably doesn't help anything.
1,788,615 reads votes 24,632 comments 5,692
Mistaken [Harry Styles Love Story]

Mistaken [Harry Styles Love Story]

23 parts / 30 pages, updated Aug 10, 2012PG-13Completed
Alex Robbinson, a Senior from Ohio, is stranded alone on some airport in Florida. She has nowhere to go, barely has any money, and even her aunt Josephine... read more
79,689 reads votes 518 comments 118
sorry but I'm deleting this book 2moz

sorry but I'm deleting this book 2moz (No longer available)

1 page, updated Dec 09, 2012PG-13Pictures
Ok I'm deleting this book 2moz but WILL be wrighting a new little mix fan fic with a little 1d in it!
22 reads votes 2 comments 3
Confessions of an Eleanor Calder Look Alike (Editing)

Confessions of an Eleanor Calder Look Alike (Editing)

26 parts / 36 pages, updated Sep 20, 2012RCompleted
One simple prank on the boys has a massive waterfall of side effects...
183,815 reads votes 2,606 comments 284
I'm Eleanor's sister (Book 1)

I'm Eleanor's sister (Book 1)

25 parts / 38 pages, updated Dec 04, 2012PG-13Completed
Hi love, let me explain, I'm a 17-year-old girl. My name is Emily Amelia Calder. Yes you heard me, I said CALDER. As in Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's ... read more
95,026 reads votes 629 comments 92
Trembling Hands (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Trembling Hands (One Direction Fan Fiction)

43 parts / 128 pages, updated Feb 18, 2013PG-13VideoCompleted
Three things happened simultaneously: the beer bottle dropped from his hand and shattered on the floor, my father let out a deep, throaty chuckle... read more
530,520 reads votes 5,254 comments 579
Err...WHY ARE ONE DIRECTION BEHIND THE SOFA?!?! (One Direction Fanfic) [WA 2012]

Err...WHY ARE ONE DIRECTION BEHIND THE SOFA?!?! (One Direction Fanfic) [WA 2012]

90 parts / 138 pages, updated Jul 09, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Kylie Moore is just a normal 17 year old girl with a soft spot for One Direction. That is until her life is turned upside down by 5 unexpected... read more
28,377,584 reads votes 245,002 comments 43,798
The Mentor (One Direction fanfic)

The Mentor (One Direction fanfic)

64 parts / 92 pages, updated Apr 01, 2013PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
200 pupils from a school have been selected to take part in a competition. Rosemarie Tresdale is one of these. Her school has been chosen to select 200 boy... read more
12,173,060 reads votes 179,455 comments 31,390
Summer Rocks(Ross Lynch fan-fic)

Summer Rocks(Ross Lynch fan-fic)

53 parts / 67 pages, updated Jan 11, 2013PGCompleted
CEO Tony Stonewell's daughter Carter is pulled into a whirlwind of Rock n Roll and romance when she meets Ross Lynch one day at a meet and greet at her loc... read more
428,112 reads votes 3,895 comments 378