LittleTigerLizzi's Reading List

  • To Seduce a Vampire
    • 09emione
    • 26 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    3.2M 62.5K

    To have and to hold For better or for worse In sickness and in health...

  • Lovely Dead (Sequel to Lovely Pain)
    • NiraElice
    • 10 parts
    • Updated 2 months ago
    19.1K 1K

    ☆SEQUEL TO LOVELY PAIN☆ Five months after Icarus attempted to kill Saebriel and Aderyn, they prepare for her graduation. But when Aderyn is attacked at her cer...

  • My Beloved (sample, getting published Dec. 28th 2014)
    • mamie1990
    • 40 parts
    • Updated 6 months ago
    4.6M 95.6K

    She gave me life again. She is the my entire purpose on breathing. Her blood calls out to me like a siren that I cannot ignore. Who is she you ask? Why, she is...

  • A Slave for a Pureblood Vampire
    • Angel_007
    • 41 parts
    • Updated 4 days ago
    7.5M 121K

    [Warning!!! There is some sexual action in this…you have been warned!!!] “Be good and I'll be gentle, be bad and you’ll regret it every single time.” He whi...

  • Saved by a vampire?!
    • amber82300
    • 26 parts
    • Updated 2 months ago
    665K 23K

    Kinsley was just your average girl that lived an Almost normal life... up until the night she ran away. She nearly died that night at the hands of two mercile...

  • Chosen
    • _fangirling
    • 31 parts
    • Updated 10 days ago
    49.9K 1.6K

    "I never wanted this!" I scream, tears streaming down my eyes. He kisses my neck, muttering sweet things to me, but I ignore him. "I wanted to live a normal...

  • Lovely Pain
    • NiraElice
    • 56 parts
    299K 12.4K

    {Originally Lovely Tears Of Blood} I walked into my bedroom after a long day at school, Martha had cut my hair at sheared angle making it look horrid again, Te...

  • Thicker than Blood Restricted Chapters.
    • thethornsofmylife
    • 3 parts
    229K 3K

    These are all the restricted chapters to the story Thicker Than Blood.

    Completed   Mature
  • Royal Prisoner
    • GraceToft
    • 60 parts
    130K 4.5K

    He is heartless. He is a warrior. He is a killer. He is a monster. He was told to kill her. Xavier is a 1000 year old vampire and an assassin. He was trai...

  • The Bewitching - Book 1
    • MartinDouglas
    • 25 parts
    1M 11.6K

    The Bewitching is a love story of past lives, heartbreak and the battle between good and evil that has played out for ages. Elyssa, a young and beautiful woman...