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Gorgeous Mr. Smith

Gorgeous Mr. Smith (No longer available)

32 parts / 159 pages, updated Jun 17, 2011PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
As Roxy, Connie and Julie, three best friends, head out to their christmas school dinner, the thing they least expect is to get mugged on the way home. But life has more ... read more
170,332 reads votes 2,401 comments 895
The Man I love To Hate

The Man I love To Hate

23 parts / 45 pages, updated Nov 02, 2011PG-13PicturesCompleted
Meet Rebecca, a teenage girl who got everything in her life--- beautiful and sexy, a billionaire's daughter. She loves everything even she love to hate---Mr. white. ... read more
254,651 reads votes 2,349 comments 234
Lets Break Each Others Heart -Major Editing-

Lets Break Each Others Heart -Major Editing-

36 parts / 95 pages, updated Jan 20, 2012PG-13VideoCompleted
Life gave me another chance with him and all i'm going to do is break his heart. What would you do if life suddenly gave you another chance to b... read more
100,883 reads votes 1,357 comments 523
Help me before It's too late

Help me before It's too late

7 parts / 15 pages, updated Aug 10, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
17 year old Isabella James has been to school after school, state after state, to escape her kidnapper. Jason kidnapped her when she was 15 but was saved by ... read more
7,961 reads votes 316 comments 314
Secrets (EDITING)

Secrets (EDITING) (No longer available)

23 parts / 50 pages, updated Dec 05, 2011PG-13VideoPictures
See how other people's opinions about you can change your behaviour and how your urge to be noticed can ruin you. Ally is not a girl that gets much attention and she has n... read more
35,891 reads votes 492 comments 282
The Never Ending Dream

The Never Ending Dream

5 parts / 17 pages, updated Aug 03, 2011
A dream that goes on and on every night, like the continuation to a never ending story. A girl who lives dazed, her mind never in reality, entranced by the alluring ... read more
573 reads votes 23 comments 19
How do you say I Love You?

How do you say I Love You?

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Aug 13, 2011G
Thalia Blaire has been in love with same guy for 4 years and she just can't seem to get over him. And she knows he definitely doesn't like her back and he probably... read more
3,715 reads votes 223 comments 231
Come Inside the Mind of Jack - Things That Annoy Me

Come Inside the Mind of Jack - Things That Annoy Me

15 parts / 12 pages, updated Sep 25, 2011PG-13
These are rants on annoying bastards & things. Pardon my language.
39,967 reads votes 1,106 comments 567
The Things We Desire

The Things We Desire

21 parts / 39 pages, updated Jul 10, 2011PG-13Completed
Lenora Mansen wants love. True love, and nothing else. So, when she finds Jack Harrison, she falls hard for him. But in the 1930s, love can be difficult to keep. When ... read more
131,042 reads votes 3,204 comments 3,103
Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

2 parts / 6 pages, updated Jul 09, 2011GPictures
Being a Gypsy in England of 1649 is not easy, and Rawnie knows that darn well. She's been living the Gypsy life since she was born. And even though she knows that it'll n... read more
1,717 reads votes 56 comments 36
Through the Years: A Short Story

Through the Years: A Short Story (No longer available)

13 parts / 11 pages, updated Sep 04, 2011PGPicturesCompleted
[COMPLETED]-Kate Johnson is only a soon-to-be sophomore in high school when her best friend (or once best friend), Sarah, commits suicide. This is a short s... read more
5,303 reads votes 432 comments 244
Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything

22 parts / 57 pages, updated Feb 25, 2012Completed
Fate created their web, making sure that every soul has a Soul Mate. The job of four Spirits: Timekeeper, Matetracker, Interceptor, and Conscience#3, is to find them a... read more
9,982 reads votes 297 comments 190
Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight (No longer available)

40 pages, updated Mar 14, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
After Chloe and Josh's little experience together of love at first sight in a carnival ten years ago, will their love still remain strong for each other when they meet again in a school for the first time after the night in the carnival?
30,975 reads votes 787 comments 666
Surviving the McLane Boys ('On Hold Still...')

Surviving the McLane Boys ('On Hold Still...')

43 parts / 227 pages, updated Aug 13, 2012PG-13
Hailey's life has been pretty normal and trouble free so far. If you categorise growing up with your all-male neighbours trouble free... Afte... read more
9,600,019 reads votes 91,446 comments 22,793
My Naughty Little Affair

My Naughty Little Affair

28 parts / 41 pages, updated Nov 05, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Rosamund had found out her boyfreind had cheated on her with her best friend and was only dating her to use her. she just wanted to get away from her small town for... read more
1,931,799 reads votes 17,715 comments 2,463
This Cinderella is a Player (EDITING)

This Cinderella is a Player (EDITING)

38 parts / 85 pages, updated Oct 04, 2011PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Tiana moves to a new town with her wicked step-mother and evil step-sister Harriet. Call it a modern Cinderella story if you please...but was Cinderella... read more
7,178,650 reads votes 61,662 comments 10,629
Oh, It's On

Oh, It's On

18 parts / 42 pages, updated Jan 28, 2012
Stella’s not like most girls. She doesn’t spend her nights talking about cute boys or who she’s going out with next week. Cause really, what’s the point in that? When a new ki... read more
2,473,770 reads votes 35,379 comments 7,383
An Arranged Pregnancy with a Jerk

An Arranged Pregnancy with a Jerk

24 parts / 41 pages, updated Aug 06, 2011Completed
(Sequel to An Arranged Marriage to a Jerk) Allison and Connor are back, and they've been married for nearly a year now. Allison is just settling in to her... read more
1,589,500 reads votes 13,718 comments 1,250

3 (No longer available)

123 pages, updated Sep 26, 2012PG-13Video
22,680,193 reads votes 232,241 comments 39,226
Their Paid Girl

Their Paid Girl

44 parts / 146 pages, updated Jan 22, 2015PG-13Pictures
Shawna Roberts is the girl that every guy turns to when they need a fake date, a fake girlfriend, a fake fling to make some other girl jealous, a fake couple photo to send ... read more
22,265,756 reads votes 249,222 comments 37,780