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Piece Of My Heart. [On Hold]

Piece Of My Heart. [On Hold]

14 parts / 29 pages, updated May 06, 2012
Two amazing guys, who would be able to resist them? Serenity James is best friends with these said boys, she knows everything about them, their likes and dislike... read more
21,233 reads votes 440 comments 453
The Lands Where We Meet

The Lands Where We Meet

7 parts / 5 pages, updated Dec 06, 2011
Mimi while walking on property thats not her's with her cousin, ran into a wolf. Then the next day came a visitor, the owner of the property's son. Jack is a werewo... read more
8,907 reads votes 115 comments 34
My Overprotective Pack (on hold)

My Overprotective Pack (on hold) (No longer available)

6 parts / 12 pages, updated Jan 18, 2012
Alena is a not so regular student. She was raised by her brother and his pack. She too was part of the pack, but by being part of the pack, she had manny jea... read more
22,970 reads votes 325 comments 73
Unwillingly Mated(On hold)

Unwillingly Mated(On hold) (No longer available)

28 parts / 53 pages, updated Dec 29, 2011Pictures
I don’t know if I was delusional and caught a cold outside, or was under some sort of wizard spell, but I did the least expected thing I could have done. I harshl... read more
1,394,977 reads votes 12,295 comments 1,633
I'm Having The Alpha's Baby.

I'm Having The Alpha's Baby.

20 parts / 51 pages, updated May 15, 2013Completed
Aubrey has been with Mark for over three years. She's human, he's the almighty powerful alpha werewolf. She finds out she's pregnant, and it isn't such a blissful pregnancy.
1,302,922 reads votes 22,209 comments 1,632
My mate is the alpha's son

My mate is the alpha's son (No longer available)

23 pages, updated Mar 27, 2012Completed
Is he that, mean, possessive, selfish, jealous? He already even considers himself alpha. He gets jealous whenever he sees me with other guys and anybody touchi... read more
114,191 reads votes 969 comments 68
Cursed Bound.

Cursed Bound.

36 parts / 128 pages, updated Apr 19, 2015VideoPictures
A curse bound them together.... From the time Kaden and Jesse first met, they were always teasing and picking on each other--just as little kids do to each other. But as th... read more
5,039,026 reads votes 86,227 comments 15,015
His Unmarked Territory

His Unmarked Territory

46 parts / 191 pages, updated Nov 30, 2011VideoCompleted
Read the description or watch the trailer :P -> Skylar is a orphaned werewolf, sent from her home in england to North D... read more
19,109,184 reads votes 245,171 comments 20,299
Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

38 parts / 104 pages, updated Aug 27, 2013VideoCompleted
8,854,335 reads votes 98,580 comments 6,318
Renesmee Cullen's Little Sister

Renesmee Cullen's Little Sister

16 parts / 29 pages, updated Sep 17, 2012
What if Bella had two children, not one like she expected? This is the story of Mercy Cullen, the unwanted child of the Cullen Coven.
144,857 reads votes 1,386 comments 205
For Better Or For Worse

For Better Or For Worse

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 01, 2011Pictures
Nikki and Maddie Underwood, two normal girs right? Wrong. At age 11 these twins discover that they are witches and are going to attend Hogwarts. The twins meet some... read more
1,704 reads votes 25 comments 12
Just Cause You're My Mate, Doesn't Mean I'm Giving In.

Just Cause You're My Mate, Doesn't Mean I'm Giving In.

10 parts / 20 pages, updated Apr 20, 2012
Jasper pushed me against the wall, holding my face in his hands, and looked me directly in my eyes. “Nevaeh” He whispered. At that ... read more
23,784 reads votes 381 comments 127
The School's Jerk Thinks He Owns Me [Fat Chance]

The School's Jerk Thinks He Owns Me [Fat Chance]

25 parts / 24 pages, updated Sep 28, 2014Completed
Michele just moved to a new school, a new life. Yet, on her first day of her sophomore year, she manages to screw up and get on the bad side of the school's jerk. Oops, bad idea. Then suddenly, he becomes more possesive and aggressive. What the heck?
2,437,113 reads votes 26,954 comments 3,894
Preveiw For -My Pack-

Preveiw For -My Pack- (No longer available)

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Dec 13, 2011VideoPictures
--------PREVIEW FOR MY PACK--------
131 reads votes 7 comments 5
side stories/incomplete stories

side stories/incomplete stories (No longer available)

76 pages, updated Feb 01, 2012PicturesCompleted
all my stories that I don't plan on continuing
6,326 reads votes 151 comments 85


10 parts / 25 pages, updated Dec 29, 2011
What do you crave? For Astraea, it's Dean. For Dean, it's her. the problem is Astraea is a Succubus and Dean is a Werewolf. Their two worlds collide and cause a riff in their lives. Can a werewolf and a succubus be together? Or is death eminent...
39,621 reads votes 654 comments 127
Let It Begin [Completed]

Let It Begin [Completed]

34 parts / 67 pages, updated Aug 10, 2013VideoPicturesCompleted
" You are my mate and i forbid you from going out with any other guy.", he hissed. "You can't do this to me! I have rights you know!", i yelled. ... read more
1,514,487 reads votes 14,527 comments 983
Finding the Wolf Within

Finding the Wolf Within

42 parts / 302 pages, updated Jan 09, 2012PicturesCompleted
Turning sixteen is a big deal for a werewolf. It's when you can shift into your wolf for the first time, when you find out if you have an ability, when you can meet... read more
3,326,419 reads votes 27,372 comments 2,008
Born To Be His

Born To Be His

5 parts / 11 pages, updated Sep 11, 2011Video
Jamie Evans was sent to live with her Grandmother in America once her parents found out she had gotten pregnant by her boyfriend of two years, Brian Clarke, who dumped her a... read more
5,997 reads votes 179 comments 68
Mine A Werewolf Romance

Mine A Werewolf Romance

14 parts / 83 pages, updated Jul 26, 2013 MaturePicturesCompleted
This is one of those boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl and needs the girl in his life stories, but boy is a werewolf! Boy aka Andrew at first glance knows... read more
73,702 reads votes 1,125 comments 120