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The Ghost Trackers Case Files: Book 2

The Ghost Trackers Case Files: Book 2

24 parts / 84 pages, updated Sep 18, 2011VideoPicturesCompleted
"I love you" is a pretty big deal, especially when youre keeping his dead brother a secret. The Ghost Trackers come back from their break and... read more
178,506 reads votes 2,831 comments 255
Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

5 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 03, 2012
<<Previously 'Finding The World'>> If your whole life was at stake, what would you do to protect it? If your whole family died, leaving you alone in the world,... read more
364 reads votes 9 comments 12
Rightfully His

Rightfully His

48 parts / 143 pages, updated May 12, 2012PicturesCompleted
You can’t run from your past. Everyone has heard those words before. No matter how hard she tries, Tinsley can’t hide from the horrific memories of having her pack murdered.... read more
20,805,060 reads votes 295,823 comments 24,472
My Life as a Walter Boy

My Life as a Walter Boy

9 parts / 26 pages, updated May 17, 2015VideoPictures
Cole Walter has just graduated college, but he can't find a job. When his mom finds him work in New York, he is thrust into the girl crazy world of Glitter Girls. A... read more
11,981,757 reads votes 64,730 comments 11,238
Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

38 parts / 104 pages, updated Aug 27, 2013PicturesCompleted
8,855,095 reads votes 98,608 comments 6,329
My Unwanted Mate (Completed) - Under Major Construction!

My Unwanted Mate (Completed) - Under Major Construction!

37 parts / 133 pages, updated Mar 02, 2012VideoCompleted
4,314,462 reads votes 35,876 comments 2,077
My Benefactor

My Benefactor

41 parts / 160 pages, updated Sep 21, 2012Video
After Reagan found out that she was a product of her mother's teenage indiscretion and her so-called father's reason for her abuse, she went to her boyfriend's house for comf... read more
5,702,336 reads votes 56,737 comments 6,771
The Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair (No longer available)

74 pages, updated May 08, 2012Pictures
Meg used to believe in happily-ever-afters, but when a family tragedy strikes she's left to pick up the pieces on her own. It takes a handsome stranger, her best friend, and her own ingenuity to restore her belief in her dreams. Modern Cinderella.
19,107 reads votes 883 comments 380
Eyes on You

Eyes on You

32 parts / 117 pages, updated Dec 27, 2011VideoCompleted
I was blind for almost my whole life..Yeah I couldn't see anything but I'm certainly not weak. I met a man with deep-beautiful voice that held my attention. Yes, I was attrac... read more
1,338,665 reads votes 14,579 comments 2,917
Living With Damon and Stefan

Living With Damon and Stefan

100 parts / 400 pages, updated May 04, 2012PicturesCompleted
Marni is 14. She lives with Damon and Stefan Salvatore in the Salvatore bording house. She also has powers; she can control the elements. She is about to start school at Mystic Falls High. Will things go as normaly as she thinks it will?
8,648,160 reads votes 48,604 comments 10,064
Eternal Silence (On hold)

Eternal Silence (On hold)

28 parts / 74 pages, updated Feb 15, 2012 MaturePictures
What's on the mind of a true vampire? Malcolm will lead you to the answer of that question. The way he sees the world makes him different from others. He's a real va... read more
1,360,754 reads votes 14,514 comments 3,010
Daughter Of The Moon

Daughter Of The Moon

65 parts / 365 pages, updated Mar 05, 2012PicturesCompleted
Serenity is an alpha’s daughter- and not only any alpha, but the Alpha King himself. That makes Serenity the most protected female shifter among all the shewolves, thi... read more
4,355,970 reads votes 38,094 comments 3,922


35 parts / 132 pages, updated Sep 17, 2013Completed
After losing her parents in a drunk driving accident, Hailey Baker moves in with her wealthy and eccentric uncle. After seven months of recovery, she still has trouble with her back an... read more
8,424,567 reads votes 90,470 comments 10,535
The Cowboy and the Princess (A werewolf romance)

The Cowboy and the Princess (A werewolf romance) (No longer available)

220 pages, updated Dec 21, 2011 MatureVideoPicturesCompleted
Aiden's a cowboy with no desire for a mate until he catches a scent that leaves him restless... Anastasia is the only child of the king of We... read more
749,063 reads votes 8,557 comments 808
She's One Of The Boys

She's One Of The Boys

47 parts / 287 pages, updated Jun 21, 2011Completed
Secrets do not stay hidden for long. Have you ever had a secret that you would do anything to keep from your own family? Coming home from being at boarding school... read more
20,041,603 reads votes 251,878 comments 28,053
Surviving the McLane Boys ('On Hold Still...')

Surviving the McLane Boys ('On Hold Still...')

43 parts / 272 pages, updated Aug 13, 2012
Hailey's life has been pretty normal and trouble free so far. If you categorise growing up with your all-male neighbours trouble free... Afte... read more
9,794,489 reads votes 94,919 comments 23,892

3 (No longer available)

147 pages, updated Sep 26, 2012Video
22,700,594 reads votes 232,241 comments 39,212
The Wolf In Me

The Wolf In Me

25 parts / 102 pages, updated Nov 11, 2013Pictures
Cassie is alone in the world. Alone, unloved but not dejected. Being away from pack life is all she's ever wanted. Mating, Alphas and rules the only things that shake fear in... read more
146,648 reads votes 2,334 comments 422
Marked with the Love of a Wolf

Marked with the Love of a Wolf

39 parts / 93 pages, updated Jul 02, 2014Completed
What if your mate was in love with someone else and that was the only thing that was keeping you apart. What if your mother's murderer kept coming back to har... read more
1,278,958 reads votes 13,009 comments 1,568
Wolverine's Daughter. [On Sort-Of Hold]

Wolverine's Daughter. [On Sort-Of Hold]

16 parts / 27 pages, updated Nov 29, 2011
168,615 reads votes 2,519 comments 783