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Souls of Faram: The Queen (First Draft) Complete *Taking down soon!*

Souls of Faram: The Queen (First Draft) Complete *Taking down soon!* (No longer available)

109 pages, updated Jul 02, 2012RCompleted
In the universe called Faram, a magic user from the world of Rejuba, Alene Soul worked hard to achieve her goals in her life. She had a career... read more
31,928 reads votes 245 comments 58
A Fate Foretold (formerly: A World Gone Mad)

A Fate Foretold (formerly: A World Gone Mad)

28 parts / 67 pages, updated Jan 15, 2012PG-13Completed
Ally is on the run. She can't trust anyone and it's more than just her life on the line. Taking a position as the mistress of the future alpha is just a way of biding her time. Can she keep her secrets from prying eyes?
449,488 reads votes 6,166 comments 846
THIS IS WHO I AM (now being edited and rewritten)

THIS IS WHO I AM (now being edited and rewritten) (No longer available)

79 pages, updated Nov 18, 2011PG-13Video
Imagine if your life wasn't the same as everyone else's? imagine if you weren't fully human? Imagine if you had to hide the biggest secret o... read more
17,601 reads votes 93 comments 30

Lies, Friends and to grow (No longer available)

4 pages, updated Sep 29, 2011PG-13
187 reads votes 4 comments 0
Disfigured Beauty

Disfigured Beauty (No longer available)

16 parts / 22 pages, updated Nov 24, 2011PG-13
One freak fall. One girl. A new life. Kaitlyn Jones moved to LA after her freak fall. Coping with her break-up , she meets another guy, only to be cheated on again. Sh... read more
9,758 reads votes 108 comments 46
Perfect's Gone

Perfect's Gone

6 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 03, 2011PG-13Pictures
Hailee Smith is" that girl ", the girl everyone wants to be. The girl that has everything, including the most amazing family, and boyfriend. until one day everyt... read more
3,925 reads votes 36 comments 13


2 parts / 8 pages, updated Feb 16, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Skylar Thorton has been in love with Jase Bradshaw for as long as she can remember and in her eyes he is perfect. After a year of touring with his band, Jase is finally home and Sk... read more
1,366 reads votes 14 comments 10
One girl, five guys. (a lot to handle) (On hold)

One girl, five guys. (a lot to handle) (On hold) (No longer available)

11 parts / 13 pages, updated Aug 07, 2011PG-13
10,378 reads votes 104 comments 66
Look At Me Now

Look At Me Now (No longer available)

149 pages, updated Mar 09, 2012PG-13Completed
Carter Jones moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Minneapolis, Minnesota when she was 6 years old. 10 years later, her mom tells her that she has to move back. She re-unites with ... read more
340,879 reads votes 2,098 comments 327
Teach Me How To Live

Teach Me How To Live

16 parts / 46 pages, updated Jan 29, 2012PG-13
She is crippled by an irrational fear, driving her to become a relentless worker and over-achiever. He is haunted by the past, leaving him bitter and cruel. It isn’t h... read more
10,990 reads votes 246 comments 133

Confessions (No longer available)

1 page, updated Jul 04, 2011PG-13
To what length would some one go to find his true identity? A question that has crossed almost every one of our minds , yet when it seems that the only way to end his misery is... read more
423 reads votes 26 comments 40

Abandoned (No longer available)

39 pages, updated Aug 14, 2011RCompleted
The sun was Blazing hot in the sky but there was a cool breeze caressing my body and Akentenen stood before my eyes. We stood in a sand bar. Small fish and turquoise water flowed... read more
17,150 reads votes 84 comments 14
Day by Day Love (on hold)

Day by Day Love (on hold) (No longer available)

15 pages, updated Aug 02, 2011Pictures
Emma is a normal teenage girl with best friends, and a little brother and sister. Her best friend Logan moved away when she was only six years old but then they mee... read more
4,966 reads votes 88 comments 58
Hold Me And Never Let Go(Finshed)

Hold Me And Never Let Go(Finshed)

14 parts / 9 pages, updated Aug 18, 2011PG-13Completed
When Abby sees Trey starting to Notice her she starts to lose interest in her boyfriend, Nick. Abby has always liked Trey, but gave up when she met Nick. Will Abby and Nick last? Or will she give her heart to Trey?
10,792 reads votes 49 comments 11
Have We Met? (Player's Chronicles) Volume One {Ebook sample}

Have We Met? (Player's Chronicles) Volume One {Ebook sample}

20 parts / 78 pages, updated Jul 05, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
Nate Ashburn is one of the rich and popular bachelors in North America. Not only is he good looking, he's also the heir to a multibillion... read more
794,801 reads votes 2,567 comments 247
Falling Apart - Copyright © 2011

Falling Apart - Copyright © 2011

15 parts / 46 pages, updated Jun 30, 2011PG-13Completed
first story of a trilogy(hopefully): Karneyah is a young girl living the life of a normal teenager. She is an aspiring athlete and a straight A student.... read more
28,382 reads votes 165 comments 141
I 'Effin Love You

I 'Effin Love You

46 parts / 120 pages, updated Apr 04, 2011PGVideoPicturesCompleted
Summer Day is a seventeen year old girl living in a small town who is tired of hearing her parents demand her to be like her perfect older sister, April. Her life change... read more
2,581,316 reads votes 13,758 comments 2,565