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Live Your Life ✞ One Direction + Justice Crew Fiction.

Live Your Life ✞ One Direction + Justice Crew Fiction. (No longer available)

24 pages, updated Jul 21, 2012Completed
Love Square? Never seen it? well Nina is in one, all thanks to her One Direction crazed cousin Tamara. After her cousins mum gets a... read more
12,925 reads votes 143 comments 51
Hiding the Pain

Hiding the Pain

11 parts / 38 pages, updated Oct 11, 2012
"You know what this company runs on?" he whispered. "What?" she said softly not really wanting to hear the answer. "Secrets." "But what ... read more
8,064 reads votes 657 comments 390
My Unexpected Reality

My Unexpected Reality (No longer available)

21 parts / 125 pages, updated Dec 16, 2013Pictures
“Give me a good enough reason why I should stay and put my complete trust in you?” I asked, backing away so I could give myself some space to think over whatever his... read more
23,659 reads votes 1,032 comments 751