outlaw (12)



29 parts / 165 pages, updated Mar 15, 2015Pictures
❝Love is an open door!❞ ❝Unless your parents are having sex, in which case love is a closed door.❞ • • • And so Eleonora and Ferguson embark on a journey fraught with ... read more
1,157,690 reads votes 38,898 comments 35,620
We All Want the D (isney)

We All Want the D (isney)

18 parts / 58 pages, updated Nov 29, 2014
❝Honey, you have all the sex appeal of a Disney movie.❞ ❝So . . . all of it?❞ ❝ Touché.❞ * If social media had taught Isaac Morgan anything, it was that t... read more
20,834 reads votes 791 comments 305


9 parts / 18 pages, updated Aug 24, 2014
After a one night stand, Violet Weaver doesn't think much of it. She's never going to see the guy again, so why should she care? Well, she is wrong. When she attends the engagemen... read more
60,421 reads votes 1,751 comments 409

DELETING (No longer available)

41 pages, updated Jul 25, 2014
DELETING. Wish to continue seeing Kayleigh's journey with a new plot, here's the link --> http://www.wattpad.com/story/17091138-madness-campnanowrimo14
27,696 reads votes 808 comments 284

Reawakening (No longer available)

69 pages, updated Jun 25, 2013
Waking to the knowledge that you're going to die isn't exactly a motivation booster. Sere is a lost soul. Burned at the stake for the crime of witch craft, for four hundred ... read more
19,717 reads votes 891 comments 382
When It Rains

When It Rains (No longer available)

63 pages, updated Jul 29, 2012PicturesCompleted
BOOK ONE OF THE ELEMENTAL SERIES. All River ever knew was her forest home. When a myserious man claiming to be the element's new guardian comes along, River has hopes he'll ... read more
14,389 reads votes 597 comments 481
Beyond The Dimension

Beyond The Dimension (No longer available)

17 pages, updated Mar 19, 2013
When Isabella Roselyn buys an antique mirror she soon gets transported to another world; dimension 7, a confusing land of metaphors and symbolism. She must be trained... read more
1,853 reads votes 118 comments 153
Lovestruck ~ Merlin BBC fan fiction ~

Lovestruck ~ Merlin BBC fan fiction ~ (No longer available)

4 pages, updated Feb 17, 2013
What happens when a creature comes to Camelot making everybody fall in love with eachother? Well find out in this Merlin twist.
2,129 reads votes 37 comments 47
The Purity of Trust (On Hold)

The Purity of Trust (On Hold) (No longer available)

95 pages, updated Sep 04, 2012Pictures
**Formerly All Kinds of Magical** After the mysterious death of her parents, Charlotte Callaghan has been reunited with her long estranged family in the city – ... read more
6,958 reads votes 275 comments 147
Death is in the Air

Death is in the Air (No longer available)

11 pages, updated Aug 06, 2012Video
As a Messenger of the Dead, Hayden Sinclair is a very busy person. She’s always going off to make sure that people don’t die with unfinished business. And when she’s n... read more
271 reads votes 26 comments 22
Forever After ( - Closed Down - )

Forever After ( - Closed Down - ) (No longer available)

3 pages, updated Oct 16, 2011
In everyone's darkest times we dream of knights and damsels; of magic and mayhem; of witches and fairies and lands of infinite possibilities. It's a world where d... read more
480 reads votes 47 comments 60
The School for the Gifted (Book One and Two)

The School for the Gifted (Book One and Two)

65 parts / 212 pages, updated Mar 21, 2015Video
Giselle isn't your average teenage girl. Besides the fact that she's hot headed and argumentative she also can control fire. When she's captured ... read more
8,142,061 reads votes 77,919 comments 13,835


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