• xianrandal
    • 87 parts
    • Updated 6 days ago
    8.6M 96.1K

    Nananahimik siyang nagtatrabaho sa Canada as an architect when he received a letter from the Philippines, a copy of his Lola's Last Will and Testament. Ubod na...

  • Perfect Haters (Part 1 and Part 2-Published under POP FICTION)
    • megladiolus
    • 91 parts
    37.5M 330K

    Published under Pop Fiction, Part 1 and Part 2. Available nationwide in bookstores,convenience stores and online via www.summitnewsstand.com.ph/pop-fiction wi...

  • The Playboy's Curse (Tucker Fanton's Story)
    • megladiolus
    • 58 parts
    1.6M 33.7K

    Tucker Fanton's story with a bit of Trav Cai's. The playboy slash cool slash heartthrob will be dumped and challenged by a not so attractive girl from his scho...

  • Love Disaster (COMPLETED)
    • megladiolus
    • 62 parts
    2.2M 32.7K

    No boyfriend since birth si Torrence, NBSB in short. Pero patay na patay sya kay Cliff, ang pinakakilalang heartthrob sa kanilang school. Nagdesisyon na syang...

  • Almost Perfect (Perfect Haters BOOK 2)
    • megladiolus
    • 50 parts
    4.6M 84.6K

    (Continuation of Perfect Haters) They started as haters then become lovers. Fought for the sake of love. Their love is invincible. They are - Alexa and Zak. Ev...

  • O Pare Ko! (SHORT STORY)
    • megladiolus
    • 10 parts
    200K 4.2K

    Zane is in love with her best friend’s brother, Johann. Everyone knows that he’s her ideal man. Her dream came true when Johann finally asked her to be his gir...

  • The Four Bad Boys And Me (Published)
    • blue_maiden
    • 92 parts
    81.7M 772K

    [BAD BOY 1] Published under Pop Fiction. Available at bookstores/convenience stores nationwide for 195php. Taglish. 2 parts. Completed. Meet Candice Gonzales...

  • Cute Little Love ♥ [Completed]
    • danilcapadaaay
    • 36 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    66.4K 856

    Sa isang hindi inaasahan pangyayari, maraming bagay ang magbabago sa buhay ni Katie at isa na dun si Dylan♥. [MAY TRAILER NA PO ^______^, PANUORIN NIYO PO, SAL...