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11 parts / 14 pages, updated Jun 28, 2012Completed
Years after the story became a classic, a girl named Alice finds her own Wonderland. She visits her dreamland when she feels the need to eat, and it convinces her not to. Her weight... read more
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The Trials of Love

The Trials of Love

11 parts / 31 pages, updated Jun 27, 2012Pictures
"The course of true love never did run smooth." -William Shakespear Elizabeth and Markus meet in a club and are instantly attracted to each other. But as the... read more
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9 parts / 20 pages, updated Jun 25, 2012VideoCompleted
How much is one person supposed to take? Everybody has a breaking point, and Claire has finally reached hers. Still plagued with unimaginable guilt, and anger over the loss of h... read more
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Dreams and Disasters

Dreams and Disasters

14 parts / 29 pages, updated Jun 02, 2012
A tripping tale of a young Girl who embarks upon layers of trouble in a struggle to find herself in time to solve the mysterious case of her Cousin. On top of this, ... read more
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The Silent Silhouettes

The Silent Silhouettes (No longer available)

19 pages, updated Dec 17, 2012
Note: Danger calls her. Jehane Scott can certainly hear the voices summoning her in her dreams; within herself as if making pathetic appeals to break the rules; to ... read more
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Auctioned Hearts

Auctioned Hearts

23 parts / 77 pages, updated Apr 30, 2013Pictures
The year is 2015 and Chenoa's family is poor, so they are doing what any regular family would, Auction dates with her off to rich men. When she is won by the dark haired,... read more
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The Secrecy of the Underestimated [ EDITING ]

The Secrecy of the Underestimated [ EDITING ] (No longer available)

43 pages, updated May 21, 2012Pictures
Chimes Twilla is underestimated. I guess that's why she's lived through hell. But what happens when an apprentice from the underworld comes and t... read more
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Stranded alone with my dog

Stranded alone with my dog (No longer available)

2 parts / 3 pages, updated May 07, 2012
Scarlette Anne Marie been threw a lot her teen years. Her father left her mother when she was just 9. Scarlette's memory of her father is there, but it's faint.... read more
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What We Were

What We Were (No longer available)

4 parts / 4 pages, updated May 25, 2013PicturesCompleted
[WILL UNDERGO FINAL EDITING in 2014] “'We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet. 'Even longer,' Pooh answered.” — A.A. Milne, ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’
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Fate {now going to continue}

Fate {now going to continue}

3 pages, updated May 02, 2012Video
"You're not Alex anymore," Fate said softly. "Now you're Mark." Alex has it all: a perfect family, good friends, and a loving girlfriend. T... read more
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Plant A Seed

Plant A Seed

18 parts / 77 pages, updated Oct 02, 2013Video
*Read if you dare. Terrible writing ahead. It will strain your eyes* To start a journey all you have to do is plant a seed. In order for that seed to grow, though, you have t... read more
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I Hate People, But I Love You

I Hate People, But I Love You (No longer available)

9 parts / 20 pages, updated Sep 24, 2012Completed
(REWRITTEN) After suffering from a tragic event, April finally gives herself a fresh start. Attending a new school, brings a new wave of people, who bring along a wave of memories. When her past entwines with her future, can she find a way out?
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Chasing Cars

Chasing Cars

23 parts / 53 pages, updated Dec 30, 2013Completed
Holland Mercado, or as she likes to be called, Holly, is fairly normal. Her life goes from normal to impossibly abnormal when the members of British-Irish boy band One Direct... read more
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Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell

16 parts / 94 pages, updated Nov 18, 2013Pictures
Rickie Summers is classified as cute, quiet and the invisible girl-next-door. Content on being unnoticed, her control-freak self is used to the fact that her days in the hel... read more
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Guarding Angel

Guarding Angel (No longer available)

12 parts / 38 pages, updated Jun 22, 2012
This book is copyrighted. © JaytonYoung2012 Menage e Cinq (M/F/M/M/M) Angelica Boone has had to keep herself hidden and live a primitive life in post WWIII America. Wit... read more
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Retribution of the heart

Retribution of the heart

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Jun 18, 2012Pictures
Adriana Costello's family had been murdered viciously in front of her very eyes. The killer and ringleader of the Italian mafias Antonio Bonaducci plans on making... read more
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