The Dragon Next Door

The Dragon Next Door

9 parts / 25 pages, updated Sep 30, 2013R
Avril Martin has secrets, and Avril Martin has no clue what she's doing. A dodgy past, an uncertain future, and a severe lack of good luck seems to make her life jump... read more
19,599 reads votes 490 comments 108
Stripper & My mate is gay

Stripper & My mate is gay

8 parts / 13 pages, updated May 04, 2013PG-13
*mature audience!!!*Evelyn is 19 year old sexy stripper who mother left her and fater died. Though this is no typical stripper story. She did what she had to d... read more
21,487 reads votes 236 comments 38
Sensual Meets Sinister (Rated R) Adult Perspective

Sensual Meets Sinister (Rated R) Adult Perspective

64 parts / 181 pages, updated Dec 10, 2012RVideoCompleted
"You've already tasted my blood," I said rolling my eyes at them. "Your not sucking me dry right now are you? You're in con... read more
1,498,864 reads votes 13,863 comments 1,022
Too Human   -   Forbidden book 1

Too Human - Forbidden book 1

44 parts / 89 pages, updated Apr 01, 2012RCompleted
First book in the Forbidden serious. After being sold into slavery Violet struggles against her new master. Master Jager, ruler of Dawn territory. She’s his new... read more
482,088 reads votes 6,323 comments 758
The Exhibitionist

The Exhibitionist (No longer available)

3 parts / 8 pages, updated Feb 21, 2012R
Mature Content. 18+ Only. Read at your own peril.
22,020 reads votes 334 comments 62
Sinful Awakening

Sinful Awakening

15 parts / 41 pages, updated Apr 03, 2014R
Mina Reynolds has never been in a serious relatinonship, and has always been a one guy type of girl. Now one night she has a steamy wet dream of two guys that happen to be... read more
564,680 reads votes 10,777 comments 1,012
Eternal Silence (On hold)

Eternal Silence (On hold)

28 parts / 62 pages, updated Feb 15, 2012RPictures
What's on the mind of a true vampire? Malcolm will lead you to the answer of that question. The way he sees the world makes him different from others. He's a real va... read more
1,269,225 reads votes 11,635 comments 2,902
Maxine's Choice

Maxine's Choice

11 parts / 21 pages, updated Mar 03, 2013R
Max isn't your typical New Yorker. Instead of dreaming of making it big in the Big Apple she's not sure where her life is leading except from paycheck to paycheck. Early ... read more
2,002 reads votes 16 comments 13
The Devil Inside.

The Devil Inside.

32 parts / 31 pages, updated Jul 28, 2012RCompleted
They hated eachother. But he was obsessed and in love with her at the same time. She was dating his best friend, who is now out of town for a whole month or more. So he to... read more
166,904 reads votes 1,594 comments 132
Forbidden Taste

Forbidden Taste

7 parts / 18 pages, updated Aug 15, 2012R
122,247 reads votes 1,681 comments 150
You Make Me So Hot

You Make Me So Hot

48 parts / 183 pages, updated Jun 08, 2012RCompleted
"Jesse" I moaned. He kept sucking on my neck and I thought he was going to bite me. His cold hands were running down the sides of my body. I was so hot for hi... read more
6,248,569 reads votes 58,680 comments 6,294
Blurry is the Line Between Love and Lust: A Tears of Shame Novel [EDITING]

Blurry is the Line Between Love and Lust: A Tears of Shame Novel [EDITING]

47 parts / 112 pages, updated Mar 18, 2011RPicturesCompleted
This is the first installment in the Tears of Shame series. This is a story of love, lust, loss of control and desperation. Arianna, a 19 ye... read more
405,871 reads votes 3,205 comments 590

Predator (No longer available)

4 pages, updated Apr 02, 2012R
1,589 reads votes 15 comments 6
Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness

22 parts / 66 pages, updated Apr 09, 2012R
Constant disappointments and a few Betrayals have left the werewolf Jarrod less than trusting of others, especially women. Will a night out with pack members lead him... read more
26,687 reads votes 267 comments 116
To Summon a Vampire

To Summon a Vampire

43 parts / 179 pages, updated Dec 26, 2013RVideoCompleted
An impetuous young witch discovers a spell that can bring the vampire she's been yearning for straight to her bedroom. The problem is, he didn't want to be summoned. An... read more
711,253 reads votes 13,983 comments 1,250
Finally Found

Finally Found

18 parts / 79 pages, updated Jun 08, 2012R
Scarlett is a small town girl, who lives and works on a farm. She is living a small town life, but that's all about to change when Ezra, the tall dark and handsome stranger ... read more
239,621 reads votes 2,903 comments 505