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When you first started on Wattpad as a newbie writer with no followers, you feel like the invisible girl sitting at the back of the class. No boy ever looks at you and you start worrying that you will never get a date for the rest of your life.

You will start getting some fake comments, "This is great!!" "You are an amazing writer!" "You should publish your book!!" "I'm hooked can't wait for more!" and the first few times you will believe them, until they stop at chapter one and never really pick it up again. It's like going on a great first date and the guy just never calls again. XD

Then the real readers start appearing: some of them are like instant attraction who binge read everything you wrote in one sitting, who comment on every witty line you thought up, while others are more slow and steady. They may read a few chapters everyday but you just know that they are there to support you.

However, like all relationships, the goings will get tough, just like when your boyfriend discovers that you have scary parents or really bad morning breath. They will drop your book suddenly when there's a plot twist or when your MC starts to act annoying, and it feels like getting DUMPED.

But in the end, just like finding "the one", you have to put yourself out there and keep improving yourself. Because when you are finally ready for that person, the feeling will be the best ever.