All Discussions Tue, 02 Sep 14 07:01:44 -0700 All Discussions en-CA Character Banners Needed |A Follow or a Payment of your Choice| Mon, 01 Sep 2014 06:56:59 -0700 Kol_Mikaelsonx 889286@/forums/discussions Hey, I need some character banners. I have quite a few characters but if you could bake me at least one I would be willing to pay whatever you wish. Your payment can be whatever you wish.

For all of the characters the story title is 'The Stars in the Sky' and the author is 'Charlotte Stemp' below I'll have a list of the characters with the actors below them.

• Natasha Polanski

Nina Dobrev


• Skye Abernathy

Scarlett Johansson- With red hair


• Hope Abernathy

Scarlett Johansson with blond hair


• Erin Williams

Nina Nesbitt


• Emily Sanchez

Selena Gomez


• Cassidy Jackson

Ashley Benson


• Aimee Lawson

Meghan Ory


• Lindy Oliver

Jane Levy


• April Ross

Taylor Swift


• Noah Day

Logan Lerman


• Ashley Rhodes

Ian Somerhalder


• Drew Masters

Daniel Gillies


• Hayden Ross

Alex Pettyfer


• Jeremy Lewis

Colin O’Donoghue


• Matthew Allen

Chace Crawford


• Oliver Young

Chris Evans


• Ryan Coleman

Drew Van Acker


• Zach Esposito

Nathaniel Buzolic

If you need anymore information, just say. Thank you