• _rainbow_skyline
    2 years ago

    Hey, I am new at this but please give me a shot!

    They will be 1 minute long with extremely good quality. Anyone can get one and will be with you the same day you order it, or next day depending on timezones, will not take more than 24 hours! Just fill out this little form:

    Author Name: Book Title: Book Description Music: (READ BELOW)

    The music you want may be in it. I will try to get it. I have, all Paramore and some My Chemical Romance on my USB and many more on other devices, so just ask!


  • puppydog319
    2 years ago

    Author: puppydog319

    Title: Burning Fire

    Music: Monster by Paramore

    Description:Most people go to high school and have normal teenage drama, but for Hannah nothing has ever been that simple. To start she's been kicked out of three school for abusing other students. She keeps losing the only person she'll ever love. People keep trying to kill her. She watched her own father's death. Oh, and her mother is a vampire that runs a town full of vampires. It was never simple and it isn't getting easier.


  • _rainbow_skyline
    2 years ago

    thanks! i'll have it done as soon as possible

  • puppydog319
    2 years ago
  • _rainbow_skyline
    2 years ago

    I finished yours!

  • _rainbow_skyline
    2 years ago
  • _rainbow_skyline
    2 years ago

    oh. i couldn't put monster in because its copyright issues.

  • puppydog319
    2 years ago

    I'm sorry, but it isn't good.): you didn't get the info right, no music, and the pictures are bad..

  • thatchick_
    2 years ago

    Sorry this isnt the info you asked for - i copied and pasted it from another discussion :) Description: Newsalie and Horsha Smithens are a pair of siblings, brother and sister, who are both heading into the gruesome land of the Hunger Games. But one will have to sacrifice themselves, twenty three have to die. As we all know, there is one rule. Kill or be killed.

    My Name: Girlintherain


    Newsalie: Ashley Rickards (with blonde hair but doesnt have to be in the trailer :)

    Horsha: Channing Tatum

    Carla (mentor): Candice Accola

    Taigo: Logan Lerman

    Hickleberry: Demi Lovato

    Orchid: Abigail Breslin

    Smoke: Taylor Lautner

    Youtube clips: < the I voluteer bit, the start when they're all running, the reaping. maybe some of taylor lautner running, maybe candice accola looking mean (carla's mean!) Thank you!! link to the book. Also I would like the there are 24 of us and only one will come out! :)

  • _happy_ella_after
    2 years ago

    Author name: Ella Flewitt (or Ellsie228) Book Title: Dear Love, Description: When Noah Spencer is saved from a sticky situation in a club by the most beatiful guy she has ever seen, who disappears as soon as he showed up, she is left thinking about him and as soon as she knows it, summer is over and she goes back to school as a senior!

    Discovering her new english teacher is the beautiful, mysterious guy from the club; who she now has to call Mr. Costello...What will she do?

    In her English class, Noah has to write a letter to her Romeo, as if SHE was Juliet.

    Her first letter is:

    Dear love, There is so much I want to say to you...

    And who is HER Romeo?

    Is it Will??? And, if it is, how will she cope with the fact she might just be falling for her A.P English teacher?

    Join Noah Spencer and Will Costello for a rollercoaster of confusion, happiness and maybe, just maybe,,,

    And... about the music, well, I would love something like the script, or Anywhere But Here by Mayday Parade... but as long as it's not rock then I don't mind really! THank you very very much :)

  • SourSkittlez
    2 years ago

    Hi! Title: Discovering Reality

    Author: SourSkittlez

    Summary:Rain Cooper should have ignored her curiosity. She should have stayed in la la land, but she didn't. Led into the woods by a strange sound, Rain discovers someone. She didn't know why she followed the sound but it led her to a boy. What about those rumors in town? A young man had suddenly appeared after being rumored to have ran away to the forest. Follow Rain as she discovers reality.

    Music: Anything by Paramore (I love them) :)

    thanks so much :D

  • chii739
    2 years ago

    Title: Love again

    Summary: Seth was friends with Jay, the school nerd since they were seven years old...but he then began to bully her. When they begin highschool, Seth is a heartbreaker and a player, he hurts girls for fun and Jay is the school nerd. But what happens when Seth falls for her when she has to tutor him? Will he break her heart like everyone else or will he let her go and leave him forver? Find out in Love again by Chii739

    No actors


    heartbeat by Enrique Inglesias No clips

    Seth- tall and dark brown hair and 17 years old and jock!!!

    No Lindsay lohan and no Zac efron....

    Jay- tall and light hair and 17 years old and nerd!!!

    Thanks so much!

  • megan097
    2 years ago

    Title: Kiss My Country Butt Author: Megan097 Book Description: Laney Strait has returned from Georgia to her Louisiana home after 8 years to put her life back together again. Trying to do so, she faces Luke Wood, her childhood rival whom made her childhood a living hell. What will happen when Luke comes into her life again? Music: I'm not very picky, but this is a country version of a comedy/romance story. I would prefer the theme of this to be very country, western, and very fun. But anything is fine. THANKS! and if you have questions let me know!!

  • _AmandaScheel
    2 years ago

    This is Ditch Me in Hell and it is up for Watty Awards 2012
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    You're a witch, get over it," she said to me and I knew my life would never be the same again.

    Animix Corpor Brooklun doesn't have a lot to call her own. Her and her mom move all over the world, her mom saying it is for experience, but Animix knows better. They are running away from something, if only Animix knew what it was. Then her mom is found murdered and Animix is sent to live with her estranged father who was thought to be dead.

    In Northbrook, Connecticut, she finds out her father is both alive and well, along with having a whole new family. Animix arrives and everything becomes out of whack. The wife never knew about her, the father thought she was dead, and the new teacher has a weird obsession with keeping her safe, but is that it for the little town of Northbrook?

    Then weird things start to happen. Murder, mystery, magic, and myths come alive as Animix steps into Northbrook and a killer is on the loose.

    Not only is there a killer on the loose, witch hunters are in Northbrook and their objective is simple. Kill Animix and get out.

    Author is Amanda Scheel Music... I don't really know. You chose depending on the mood? :)

    THANK YOU ahead of time! XD

  • ForgetToRegretx3
    2 years ago

    Boooook Trailerr needed, porfavorr :D Author: ForgetToRegretx3

    Title; Broken Bridges

    Genres; Teen Fiction, Whatever suicide would be under

    Decription; She tried killing herself to end her almost-impossibly miserable life, but ends up worsening it... By getting herself into a mental institute.

    He tried but failed, to end his too happy to stand it life more than twice. He begins his new life in a mental hospital, though he's happy to be there... Very happy.

    She is Emmie Ashe. He is Ethan Wilson. She attempted suicide because her life was too sad. He tried to commit suicide because his life was too happy.

    They meet. They talk. They laugh. They argue. They fall in love.

    Actors; Emmie Ashe- Willa Holland (Gossip Girl version) Ethan Wilson- .Zac Efron (When his hair fell into his eyes) Anything Else: Use your imagination, Im not looking for anything in particular(:

    Music; Your favorite Paramore song, i love them all, i cant choose D;

    Thank Youu<3

  • __prettydreams
    2 years ago

    Title: Rogue

    Author: awesomx_writers47

    Description: Aphrodite and her three siblings are the children of two celebrities. After her father’s death she starts to hate everything that reminds her of him, rock music. Her mother is an uptight, perfectionist who sends the Aphrodite, her twin sister Athena and their little brother, Aiden to Colorado. Everything goes downhill from there. A strange encounter with someone she’d known, who turns out to be a blood thirsty vampire. Secrets come out and the life Aphrodite thought she’d had is no more when two guys are fighting for her heart.

    Music: idk... preferably rock

    character: Aphrodite is a girly girl and the vampire is really like protective, mean and cold. He like to party and hit on girls. and the rockstar is almost the same except he cares more about Aphrodite's feelings.

  • __prettydreams
    2 years ago

    Thanks for doing this :))

  • _Suicidal_Optomists_
    2 years ago

    hii! please can you make me a trailer? ok title: Ancestral Assassins:The Dream Scape description:""what would you do if i told you...something... special?" Vanessa Hanson and seven other people crash land onto an unknown to maps and experts-doesn't exist. what happens when they start seeing the most amazing thing on the island? something so incredible it was impossible? what if they saw history? replaying especially for them. because you see it's not just an island... it's The Island Time Forgot. as the eight of them try to fight the sinister island from history killing them,something unexpected happens. so deadly it's vital.. that breaks all odds.. and all changes.. and that thing is... Love. but to them its... Just Another Memory..."

    ok mind if i be a bit picky? the main character must be of african- american descent ( that's vanessa hanson) other wise you can pick the actors for the others! also in the video can the music be very fun and happy ( i don't know like dynamite by taio cruz, sort of thing) then change to gothic/rock (paramore decode?). is it possible? also lots of beach pictures and eyes in shadows thanks :)

  • _happy_ella_after
    2 years ago

    Are you still doing this or...? I'm just wondering:) IGNORE ANY HARSH CRITICISM!:D

  • Reckless_YMA6
    2 years ago
  • disenchanted_me
    2 years ago


    Author Name: disenchanted_me

    Book Title: Disenchanted

    Book Description:

    Everyone knew that it was a risky job to try and find the heir to the Bellatrix throne. After the countless assassinations, murders and homicide, no one thought that there would be anyone left to overthrow the cruel Premonition government. Everyone except Everett Quill - the proud owner of a little London bookshop, Ink Quill. He's on a mission. To find a girl, to find a book, and to restore the Wheel of Fate so that it doesn't turn against the world. Because, if it did? That would be bad. Very, very bad. Earth-shattering, in fact. Literally. If you read my book, you'll be able to pick up the descriptions of the characters an what they're like. I'd love the trailer to include: - Cogs, steampunk things - Books, ink quills, old antique-y things - A New Victorian vibe - A red-haired girl, but without the features of her face showing

    Thanks so much!!!!

    Music: Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

  • sexy_love_panda
    2 years ago

    @small_tasha auther name: Sexy_Love_Panda Book name: Just Because I'm Your Mate Doesn't Mean I'm yours

    Raven Conner is girl whos issues is finding out she is a Werewolf, and that her 'soulmate' is her worst enemy, is enough to make anyone go crazy. So she decides to play with fate a little. She's just in it for the ride, taking everyone's life through twists and turns. Fighting her 'soulmate' every step of the way through murder, crazy bitches, and maybe even a love triangle, but one things for sure, someones going to die.

    Music- Collide by skillet if you don't have it just try something you think might work :-) thanks

  • ErikWintersisnumber1
    2 years ago

    Author: ErikWintersisnumber1 Title: Winters' Beginning

    Music: Hero by Skillet

    Description: Raised from birth to be the goverment's ultimate weapon.Erik Winters has escaped from Facility 21. Now years later the SBA(Superhuman Bounty and Assassination) Agency has come back for what's theirs.And there's a bounty on his head for who ever brings him back....dead or alive.He must face other superhuman assassins,government agents,and street gangs to survive.Follow Winterblade on the ride of his life. To not only aviod being recaptured by the Government Agency,but to stop them for good.

    Link :

    can use book cover for ideas or in the trailer up to u XD thanx

  • jonist
    2 years ago

    Title: The path of decay

    Author: Lovro M. (WitchHunter*)

    Summary: When they take away everything he loved ... When they kill the most important person in his life He will do anything to revenge them. Can he put his life in danger to revange his murdered sister? They killed his twin sister in Lincoln in 1897. They thought they have killed him too After the death of his parents, Aaron was always with his sister, Cared for her and supported her, He would gave his life for her's. Now, when she was killed in cold blood under false accusations, It will not be unpunished, Aaron is coming to London, the capital of Great Britain with only one purpose, revenge his sister . His plan begins to decline when mysterious woman steales his heart. Love turns his plans in other direction... Is he prepared to cross the border in order to achieve justice? What is hidden in the darkest parts of London? Is it worth sacrificing everything, even if it ruines his life? Is this mission direction to death? Love turns into revenge. Two worlds will collide in a whirlwind of passion. The path of decay will begin ...

    Roles: - Aaron: Chris Zylka ( Piranha 3D, The secret circle) - Aaron's sister: Phoebe Tonkin (Pretty little liars, The secret circle) - Misterious girl: lyndsy fonseca (NikitA-2010.) - Aaron's friend Thom: sam claflin (Pirates of the carebeen) - King: jonathan rhys meyers (the tudors) - Judge who killed Aaron's sister: gale harold (Hellcats) Music: the kill (bury me) – 30 seconds to mars.

  • lalalexie
    2 years ago

    So I have this story called: All I wanted, and I've always wanted a trailer for one of my stories. So can you make me one? Please? If you want to try on another one of my stories it's perfectly fine(: Here's a link to my profile:

    Title: All I wanted

    Author: lalalexie

    Summary: Arabella & Jacob have always been there for each other. They've been best friends forever. Doing everything together. Then one day Jacob decides to ditch Ella for Bella resulting in Ella & Jacob to stop being best friends. But the thing is Arabella has feelings for Jacob & now she can't tell him her feelings. Will they become friends again? Or maybe more than friends. There's also the possibility of them not talking to each other ever again. Considering the fact that Arabella left La Push. But don't worry, she'll be back. After all, it wont be a story with out her :)


    Cast/Characters: Odette Yustman as Ella, Odette Yustman as Ella, Ella Fanning as Sarah, Jason Statham as Ella's Father (Tom), Diane Lane as Ella's Mother (Jane). Also the rest of the cast is from the Twilight movie, like Jacob is played by Taylor Launter and so on, and so on.

    Song: All I wanted by Paramore or A thousand years by Christina Perri.

    Thanks in advance!!!! :D

    Any questions? Just ask :)