Ride the emotional rollercoaster of young adulthood with these free coming-of-age stories on love, friendship, high school drama, popularity and awkward teen moments.

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Forced to have the Player's Kid aggirl53
3.8M 151K
Bad Boy's Game [#Wattys2015] beautifultragedies
4.7M 168K
All Boys Have Cooties Molly_me12
2.2M 81.9K
Forced To Marry A Gang Leader(editing in process and on hold till July) (Wattys2015) ILOVERIHANNA19
1.9M 53.4K
Xavier Dreamerse
4.6M 154K
Unseen BelWatson
1.1M 66K
Matchmaker aggressively
2.9M 132K
The Bad Boy and The Tomboy [#Wattys2015] nikki20038
1.7M 44.7K
You Taste Like Strawberries[Wattys 2015] Punkxst
667K 5.5K
Her Badboy Guardian Angel ( under editing ) Knight_711
651K 16.4K
My Brother's Bad Boy Best Friend bookin_it
6.7M 108K
Saving Sawyer (Watty's 2015) millie_
9.9M 156K
But I Hate Him ellie_and_michelle
322K 9.8K
Playing Hard To Get UniqueAlexJ
1.4M 36.1K
Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl) Vazzulisa
1.9M 43.4K
Started With a Lie youngsillhouettes
38.5M 694K
Riley's Tale On The Opposite Gender Cappuccinos
34.9M 561K
Brunette Undercover ItsLeila1116
1M 42.8K