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Things I Never Told You thestickonthebox
381K 32.2K
Snapchat irtzaqamar
318K 16.7K
Balconial Conversations [Wattys2015] exoticfinn
292K 26.6K
Late Night Phone Calls [wattys2015] vinyl-
404K 28K
Douchebag & Classy {Wattys 2015} LockAnKey
275K 18.4K
His Words, Her Story xPureChances
123K 9.8K
one missed call HatOfChbosky
554K 31.7K
The Girl She Couldn't Forget (Sequel to TGHLB) TheUJelly_
292K 18.4K
Sinister Tales AnnaxLove
2.7M 34.2K
Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories) XxINFERNOxX_
1.3M 43.4K
good morning, sunshine (Wattys2015) SimranKDhaliwal
60.5K 5.5K
Late Nights & Pillow Fights IziKing
591K 22.4K
Dreamers (Wattys 2015) bamboozling
423K 29.9K
Talks and Texts (#Wattys2015) Z-Aquarius-Kai
31K 2.7K
Poop & Pee {Wattys 2015} LockAnKey
34.3K 3.7K
Midnight Chats | editing cavesecho
204K 6.6K
The 12th Kiss [completed] Enterintomymind
166K 10.8K
The Ceo's Wife (Sequel to 'The Ceo's Secretary) needs editing. JaysArmy
4.1M 86.6K