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The Demons Soul ash_knight17
1.6M 64.5K
My True Love Ghost julietlyons
404K 13.7K
Noble Academy PureDragonWolf
88.9K 4K
Bad Luck liliancarmine
193K 12.2K
The Dream Crashers KayC91
1.3M 48.7K
A Dark Imperfection LaDameBlanche
61.1K 5.7K
Untouched |completed| _nymphomaniac
4.4M 128K
The Hollow Ball simranm17
935K 28.5K
The Succubus in a Black Hat (The Succubus in a Red Dress Series Book #3) ddgbooks
46.6K 3.6K
The Dark Prince. (Book 1) LaDameBlanche
5.8M 130K
The Love Curse RebeccaSky
10.9M 89.8K
Dark Black Magic angeltwist
5.9M 98.6K
Buried MNJGreenhill
18.9K 2.4K
Captive [Book | 1] MrCheeze
3.4M 157K
The Dark Heart (The Dark Prince. Book 2) LaDameBlanche
1.6M 62.4K
Synthetic - Book 1 Archaic Series ReganUre
919K 46.1K
Mason - Book 4 Archaic Series ReganUre
381K 19.8K
Unseen (Watty 2014 Winner) amberkbryant
916K 20.3K