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Oh, right. 

*Closes door*
Hi guys >.< My name's Hunter, I recently turned 17 and I'm gay ^.^. I love writing, playing my guitar, violin,piano and drums. I write songs and books :) I'm a complete fanboy and I love wattpad because everyone accepted me for who I m >.


hiyaa. here is your redo, i do hope you like it. don't hesitate to ask me anything, and do tell me if you'll use. Thanks for requestin!
 @JessicaRufus Change the font? The font seems a little too teen-fic and not as serious as Cara looks....Just a suggestion?
Well Jordan would probably say, "Cool......can I join?" then after a while actually try and reason out with his best friend.

WWYCD if they swapped bodies with a hero whose power is shooting out pizza from their hands/
@kingdomdance Nope, there's no need! It's perf, k, thanks girl, will do the payment soon 

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