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 @TheNamelessAngeI pretty 0-0

I'll code it if I get to the computer after school and if everyone has their introductions reading

@ALL DO WE NEED A QUEUE BOX (I have no idea if we spelled that right?)

And what should we have on our forms...?
 @the-frankie-diaries sorry but that threqad is taken.. another one maybe?
 @Systematic_Chaos29 lol i guess i could just tell them i need a break? idk :(
@BrokenOaths no problem. Will do later tonight.

If you feel like making more outfits, just do it. We'll be here n_n
 @-posey Aw you're very welcome I'm glad you can expand your reputare now :)
 @phoebetanaka highlight all of your thread. Right click it and click on View Selection Source then copy code and make your changes to it. Then you are good to go. I hope this makes sense, if it doesn't just message me

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