Dirty Love. ♡

-Demi's P.O.V-

Both of us still wanting more, I kept amber there and started sucking on her breasts. Hearing her moans made me want her more. I kept sucking her breasts and licking her hard nipples. As I smirked I got her on the floor and smacked her rosy ass, she laughed and I carried on spanking her ass so you could hear the smack echo through the room. Getting tired of the same stuff I bit into my lip and rubbed my vagina against her ass back and forth. "Uh keep doing that baby!" Amber moaned, rubbing her ass against my vagina. I went faster this time my clit touching her ass. We moaned in time together which sounded like we were singing! I then started humping her ass, going harder and faster. "Uh uh uh! Yeah baby," we both screamed in ecstasy.

-Amber's P.O.V-

After having the pleasured sex lesson with Demi I kissed her cheek forgetting about the argument earlier.. We layed there in exhaustion but then a thought popped to my head; ''Hey baby, I was thinking of doing something with other girls in our house..'' I said, smirking at my idea, "oh yeah, what do you mean?'' Demi replied, getting puzzled. I thought it was cute when she was puzzled. I simply just laughed.. This how the dirty love starts, fun and games begin..

-3months later-

We climbed over the fence into Miley Cyrus the teen pop sensations house. We both thought she was sexy so we decided this will be our first sexy Slave, over the past year me and demi have been planning all this; anyway.. "Come on baby, be quiet!" I whispered to demi, wanting her to hurry up. Holding her hand we pulled open the door into the house. Wow, geez! This is fucking big. I grabbed some money on the way and shoved it into my pocket. We walked into miley's room and saw her lying there with just some shorts and a tanktop. Damn she looks fine I thought, as we carefully carried her out of the house we dumped her in the van and drove off to where our company was; in the middle of no-where.

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