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Irresistible (A Harry Styles and Jade Thirlwall fanfiction)


Jade's POV:

Me, Jesy, and Leigh Anne are going shopping today! They said it would be great for me to forget my problems once in a while. Sounds like going to a club, though. Perrie's grocery shopping and she wants the day to herself.

"Did you guys eat already?" Jesy asked as we headed to the door. "Yuperoo, Jade?" Leigh Anne asked. "Uh........ Nnnnnnooooooooo........." I stammered.

I always felt insecure with myself and my body, because people say that I'm fat and all. I know that they just say it because their haters and haters tease you but what if its true? What if I AM fat?

"No you're not." Jesy stated. I guess I said that last part out loud. "But I am." She whispered. "Jesyyyy! I thought we were done about this!" I huffed. "Okaaaayyyy just kidding!" Jesy laughed out.

"Awwwwww Jasy moment! Guys, can't you see I'm here too!?" Leigh Anne wailed.

"Sorrryyyyy" we hugged Leigh Anne while laughing our butts off!

"Let's go to Starbucks and you guys should eat something" Leigh Anne stated.

Ahh, good times.

Harry's POV:

"Louis, give me back my bananaaaaaa" I growled. "Only if you give me my carrots!" Louis shouted. But I was going to cook something with bananas and carrots!

We were holding out the bananas and carrots away from each other when Niall came in the kitchen and snatched both foods.

"Thanks, guys!" Niall yelled as he got out of the house. Where will that Irishman go?

"NIALL!!!" I catched up with him.


"Where are you going?"

"Starbucks. I'm supposed to meet Louis and Eleanor." Ah, that explains it.

"Can I cooooommmmmmmeeee?" I cooed.



We got into my car and drove off.

Jade's POV:

We entered Starbucks and Jesy and Leigh Anne being the lazy girls that they are, told me to order for them because they know I know their usuals. I guess the good girl ends up doing everything.

"One white mocha frap, one caramel no coffee frap, one strawberries and cream frap and three strawberries and cream Belgian waffles, thanks!" I ordered to the lazy-looking employee, still with a sweet smile.

"That's a big order for a sweet fit girl like you!" The guy employee said to me with a wink. Uuuugggghhhhh what a flirt.

"Let me get things straight. First, don't flirt with me, I hate flirts. Second, please be like any normal employee and work properly. Third and last, I have friends with me and I'm not definitely going to eat all of that stuff." I stated still with a slight smile.

"Yeah sure. Name." The guy said blandly. Okay now he hates me. Time to show this guy who he's dealing with.

"Jade Thirlwall." I said cheerfully and took my shades off as his eyes widen. Haha.

"Right away, Miss Thirlwall."

As I made my way to our table and wait, I suddenly felt like someone's looking at me. Eh, maybe a fan recognized me?

"Uhh, Jade..." Leigh Anne stammered.

"Hey guys! It's Little Mix!" Someone yelled. And before I knew it, fans and paparazzi started to flood in the café. Oh boy.

"Leigh Anne! Are you ready to date now, after your break up with Brad?"

"Jesy! There are rumors saying that you're preggers! Is it true?" God, these rumors nowadays!

"I never had sex with anyone lately, so it's not true!" Jesy replied.

"Jade! Is it true your boyfriend is Harry Styles?" My eyes widen. Me? Dating that jerk? Next joke please.

"We won't let you go until we have a good answer!" One man yelled.

"Yes!. They are together!Jade, over here!" a familiar voice hollered from across the room.

Woah, what? Why did Louis say that?

I marched towards the boys' table angrily with my frap to find Harry glaring at the happy Louis.

"Louis, take back what you said or I'll kill you!" I growled.

"You can't do that now." Liam interrupted.

"Why is that?" I questioned.

"Because we're One Direction. Probably a directioner in this room heard crazy Louis' answer and already trended Jarry on twitter." Zayn said. JARRY?

"So?" I questioned once more.

"So, taking back one trend is going to cause a lot of confusion and stress, even a lot of interviews and all that stuff all over and over again,would you want all that?" Louis smirked. Ugh.

"Ugh. What do we do now?" I questioned. I've been questioning and questioning a lot today.

"Easy. Fake date." Zayn stated as if it wasn't a big deal.

"It's alright with me." Harry speaks up.

I looked at the boys' puppy dog faces. I could not believe what I'm about to do.

"Fiiiiine. But no kissing, no hugging, no shoving food in each others mouths, no holding hands-"

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