Save me (blake griffin love story)

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"I'm not kidding. Don't do it!" Blake glared at me. A small smirk formed on my lips "Ma'm?" I raised my hand calling the waitress over she smiled coming over to us "My friend here" I gestured to Blake "wanted to ask for your number?" The girl giggled smiling even wider. I saw her eyes sparkled when they came in contact with Blake. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down her number. "There." I said taking a bite out of my bacon "it isn't that hard to ask for someone's number." He gave me a death glare "that's all fine and dandy but I didn't want her number!" I bursted out laughing "who says all fine and dandy?" He smiled. "Sophisticated people do." I smiled. "Yeahhhh. Just go with that." We both stood up Blake went to go pay for breakfast while I left a tip. I waved thanks to our waitress I pulled my raybans over my eyes pulling on my shirt bringing it down. We got to Blake car "can I drive?" I asked grinning at him. He narrowed his eyes at me "yeeeee-no." I pouted my lips scrunching my nose "come on gingerbread." Blake shook his head I sighed getting into the car. "What are you gonna do today?" He asked putting the car in drive I shrugged. "I got to go to the studio and try to record the new song I have in works" he smiled "what about you?" He sighed "I got practice then me and the guys are gonna go to dinner..." I felt a vibration on my leg I pulled out my phone seein I had a new text from Tyler. 'Baby nugget, you and me in the studio? Yes or yes !" I laughed he called me baby nugget for tripping on a nugget one time. Who trips on a nugget? Apparently I do. "Who texted you?" Blake asked keeping his eyes on the road "tyler. He wants to do a song together." Blake sucked the air in between his teeth "what?" I asked putting my phone down. I stared at Blake. He's such a cutie. All the freckles in his face just made him seem so perfect. "I don't like him." I furrowed my eyebrows "what?! Why not?" He shook his head "he treats you like shit." I rolled my eyes "no he doesn't." "Yes he did!" I bit my bottom lip. "He isn't perfect and he has his temper Blake. Sometime he does get out of hand but that's just him. You're always doing this. I can't have any friends cause you automatically find something you don't like about them. We're friends so I have a right to choice other friends!" We finally got to the studio I thought I could get out without getting scorned from Blake. I was wrong. "Maybe I wouldn't have to get mad at you for choosing these people. If you would think before you act. I always find something wrong with them because you go for the assholes who only want to fuck you then dump you. News flash Anna! You're going end up with a broken heart then ill have to be there to repair it?" I bit my bottom lip I felt a cut forming. "I'm sorry I'm such a bother. You won't have to worry about that anymore.! " I got my purse practically running out of the car so blake won't try to stop me. It hurt so much because he was right. He was always right and I hated it. He was my best friend but sometimes I couldn't stand him. I needed him so much his words this time did hurt