Dirty 1D Imagines.

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**YOUR P.O.V**

I was sitting in biology when the teacher turns and says;

"Girls, boys you will be starting a new project today, and you wil be working with a partner," I look around me and I am sorrounded by bitches that I hate, When suddenly I notice a nerdy boy with braces and bleached blonde hair. I turned fully and noticed he was on his own and everybody else was clinging tightly onto their best freinds. I walk over to the boy who was looking down at his feet and sat next to him. Just to let you know I am the most popular girl in the year. He looked up at me with gleaming blue eyes that I found myself getting lost in.  He smiled at me faintly and looked down nervously, still facing me though.

"You wanna work together," I say smiling. He gives a look of disbelief before straightening his face.

"Sure," he says trying to act cool. He gives me his adress on a piece of paper and said;

"meet me at mine at six,"


Six o'clock rolled around and I pulled up at his  house and knocked at the door.

"Hey, come in." He says closing the door behind me. He lays a piece of paper down infront of us and starts planning.

"Would you like a drink?"

"Please." he walks into the kitchen and goes to pour me some lemonade but he spills some on his top.

"Oops, Caitlin is there a towel there?" he says putting his arm out. I hand him the towel and he starts wiping the floor and stands up pulling off his top.

"Damn" I find myself saying out loud. When I realised that he heard me he comes intensley close to me, like face-to-face. I stare yet again into his sea blue eyes before he edges out towards me. I sink my lips into his. Our lips move in sinc for a bit before he picks me up and carrys me upstairs.

"Are you a virgin?" He asks laying me down on the bed. I shake my head.

"No, are you?" I say. He just put his head down and says,

"Errm, yeah" I stand up peeling his clothes off and he pulls at the hem of my shirt but I can tell he's shy so I take it off myself. He just stares at them before lying me back down again. He kisses my lips, down to my breast, sucking and nibbling and one on my stomach before he gets to the place I need him most. He slips two fingers in pumping lightly.

"Nialll" I trail off and he stops.

"Sorry, am I hurting you?" he says.

"No that's good!" I say before flipping him over and kissing him. He is lying on the bed in nothing but his boxers. I snake down to his pants palming him through his boxers and he lets out a big moan. I pull down his boxers stroking his member gently.

" please no teasing," he moans. I ignore him licking the tip.

" if you keep teasing I will have to punish you". His voice is making me  so wet. That is all I need, I take his whole shaft into my mouth and he lets out a load of moans.

"Mmphh, fuck yeah (Y/N)" He screams. "(Y/N) I think i'm gonna cu c cuum" He says and with that I finish up. "fucking tease" He says coming closer again kissing me. I take my knickers off and straddle him positioning him at my entrance. I push onto him slowly giving myself time to adjust to his huge size and start to speed up. bouncing and filling the room with our moans. He flips me so he's on top and starts thrusting like mad.

"Niallll" I say.

"God, it makes me so horny when you say my name like that (Y/N)" He says.

"Niall" I scream.

"LOUDER" He commands.

"NIALLLLL" I shout.

"Good, I want the neighbours to know my name." He says. His thrust become sloppy and I feel him twitch inside me. We scream eachothers names as he thrust acouple more times and our fluids mix. He falls next to me pulling the covers over us.

"Maybe we will not start today" I say smiling and he kisses me on the head.

Sorry if I'm a rubbish writer but request one if you want to xxx

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