Absolute Contamination

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It all begins with a churning feeling inside. It’s as though your insides are shrinking, a gnawing sensation that will make you feel as if you’re about to throw up. Once you have these symptoms, it’s too late for you and all that you can do is wait for your final breath to come. 


The itching all over your body is what comes next. This is yet another indication that you are not doing well. By now, people around you should begin to notice your strange behavior, and soon they’ll realize that there’s something terribly wrong. They have to stay away from you, as far as possible. Even the simplest of touches is lethal in this stage, and has to be avoided at all costs.


A beginning fever and the loss of your precious hair is what will follow soon after. Now, you can be sure that there’s not much time left, only a couple of days at best. If you are lucky, you might be able to last long enough to see another week. Do not get your hopes up though, because these days, there no longer exists such a thing as luck.


If no one has killed you by now, it is highly recommended that you choose one of the following options:




In case you don’t care about contaminating other people, if you want the others to suffer as much as you, you’ll be able to notice the way your skin grows paler and how your eyesight gets worse. Color will slowly begin to disappear, as your vision will consist of only black and white. Although, your world will get colored by delusions and as the minutes pass, you’ll get more and more problems to differentiate those from reality.


The moment you can no longer control the tremor in your hands and when your knees go weak, now that’s when death is nearer than you expected.


As soon as your skin begins to peel off and breathing becomes impossible, you’d better say your last prayers because this, my friend, means you’re as good as dead.


There’s nothing you can do.

There’s no cure.

There’s no way back.

This is the end.



Important note: This story is entered in the Watty Awards 2011 and the Gatekeepers contest. The amount of votes a story receives is for both contests really important, that's why I'd like to ask to support this story by voting. It would be extremely appreciated.

A/N: If you find any mistakes, don't hesitate to let me know, because no matter how many times I go over everything again, there'll always be mistakes I miss.

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Alexis Bledelas Keara Haynes
Matt Lanteras Jason Haynes
Chace Crawfordas Hunter Haynes
Brooklynn Proulx as Emily Rose Anderson
Justin Chatwinas Christophe Saunders
Wentworth Milleras Soldier Tim

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