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Apology Not Accepted

All Ashton ever wished for was to live a normal life, that wish wasn't granted when she was turned into a monster. While staying with her savior who must train her into being in control of what she is, they both fall madly in love with each other. But true love is never just left to be.

The Shadow Wolf who turned her claims her as his and wants her, and he's getting her whether she's willing or not. So when Ashton gets captured by him what will the couple do while separated?

If they find each other again, who will be the one left searching for the other in this triangle of love?

And after it all who will be the one left forgotten and with a broken heart?


Chapter 1

Ashton's POV

I sighed and turned the blinker on and moved the car into the right hand lane. My sister sat in the passenger seat jabbering on about her newest crush, Tate.

". . . and I think he actually likes me!" I groaned and banged my head on the steering wheel as I came to a stop at the stop light in a dramatic act.

"Oh my god just shut up!" My eyes drifted to the passenger seat to see her on her phone texting. When I looked back at the road I slammed on the brakes in a useless attempt at stopping when I couldn't do anything.

Every puzzle piece fell into place at that moment.

My hands clentched the wheel, the pickup kept coming. I looked around feverently as the world slowed down. No sign of stopping. My head came into contact with the dashboard and I realized my body had been thrown towards Kiara. Tears streamed down my face as I realized we were going to die.

My life flashed in front of me; when I first ate candy and I shoved my face in it to get the flavor to come out. When I first learned how to ride a tricycle, me blowing out my candles on my third birthday. The day mom and dad brought Kiara home from the hospital and I threw a tantrum because I wanted to be an only child.

I smiled at all those memories and wished that I had lived more, people who have had near death expiriences always say 'live more' 'do more with your life', instead of stuffing your face in computers all day and not play outside. I remember the days when if you were on any electronic for more than half an hour you'd be sent outside to play. Nowadays going outside is like the death sentence.

What happened?

As the cars collided and I was flung out the window, glass cut my seatbelt, and i was knocked unconscious and left there to die, hidden in the woods, not to be found for another few hours, and by someone who will never forget me.

Jackson's POV

I puffed air out of my lungs as I ran my daily route. My sleek black fur was littered with snowflakes as the first snow of winter came down to us. My crimson eyes scanned the forest as I slowed to a light jog. I put my nose into the air and sniffed, human. Not for long, I sped up and went in the direction the scent came from. When I came to the edge of the forest I stopped and grinned a malicious wolf grin.

I found my next victim. When I saw the blood painted snow around her my heart dropped, maybe someone had already gotten this one. Then I heard it, the faint thump of a human heart. I jumped towards her and bit into the nape of her neck, her eyes flashed open and a sea of brown met my eyes before they turned to a piercing gold. I stumbled back, releasing my hold on her. Fuck.

She collapsed onto the ground panting heavily, her feet pushed against the snow and her back arched. What did I do? She wasn't supposed to be one of them. She was supposed to be one of mine. I snarled and took a step towards her, her eyes flicked to mine but before I could get lost in that sea of gold they shut again as the magic produced another heart for her wolf, and then it happened.

Another black wolf burst into the clearing, his eyes were coal black. I tried to not show how nervous I was for that girl, but he obviously took it the wrong way. He charged at me with his jaws snapping in my face.

I could tell it was almost over because a small whimper left her mouth. I glanced in her direction and it cost me. He snapped at me and tore the tip of my ear off. I growled and spun towards him, he waited back taunting me. I made a last minute deduction and ran like a bat out of hell. Nobody followed me.

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