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' Ganda talaga gumawa ng story na to!!!!!!!









By alyloony

I did my best to be in that place and I succeeded, but I didn't expect that things will turn

the other way around.  

I went to school that doesn't fit my lifestyle but I don't care. All I want is to be with my  



But I guess my decision is wrong.  

Very wrong.  

I'm currently studying in Prince Academy, a school for elites. I'm a mere commoner and


guess what, ako lang ang nagiisang ganyan sa school namin. HAHA unique ako dito  


Very popular na pagtripan  

I want my highschool days to be memorable but the only memories I had is yung mga  

times na binubully ako dito.

And what happened dun sa love ko na sinundan ko?  



Well, not completely. Because I know deep down I still love him.

Darn, how I hate everything in this school. From it's air-conditioned room to it's very  

expensive foods.

Especially those students who called their selves STAR SIX. They are group of students  

who's very rich and very popular in this school. Buhay celebrity sila dito. Kulang na lang  

sambahin sila ng mga estudyante dito-except me. Naiinis ako from the way they talk,  

they walk and from the way they treat others! And most of all, from the way they made  

me realize that me and the person I love is living in a very different worlds


The person I love is one of them

That's why I decided to give up. Ang plano ko nga lang is magpaka loner dito until the  

day that I graduate. Well, nag succeed naman ako for three years. This is my last year  

of being a highschool student.

My last year of suffering.



She's a commoner  

He's a prince  

She doesn't have a good highschool memory  

He doesn't have a good past  

They're strangers to each other.  

Until one day  

Unexpected things happend



Arcie Morales -the commoner


Jiro Festin -the Ultimate Prince  

Ren Salvador -the Romantic Prince  

Michelle Rhias -the MVP Princess  

Justine Mendrez -the Genius Prince  

Lance Victorino -the Casanova Prince  

Yanna Scott -the Heartthrob Princess  

Krissa Fuentes -the cute adviser  

Nike Sanchez -the handsome new teacher  

Jennica Festin -the Principal

Chapter 1  

*The start*


Tumakbo ako palabas ng bahay. Malaki sigurong achievement sakin na walking distant  

lang ang house ko sa school. Pero mas malaking disadvantage sakin na pag late akong  

nagigising, ang walking distant na school sa bahay namin ay kailangan kong takbuhin at  

kahit gaano pa kabilis ang pag takbo ko, lagi parin akong late! Hay.


Anyways, I'm Arcie Morales, and this is my first day of being a senior highschool which  

is, sad to say, late ako.  

Tumingin ako sa watch ko. Uh-oh! 10 minutes to go masasaraduhan na ko ng gate!!  



Ay tipaklong!  

Napatingin ako sa likod ko na ready to fight kung sino man yung napaka walang  

manners na bumusina sakin, kaya lang


"binbo! Nakaharang ka sa daan!"  

Natigilan ako and I can't move my body na kala mo eh ginamitan ako ng stunning spell.  

That voice.  

Lumingon ako and yun nga nakita ko si Ren Salvador na nakasilip sa bintana ng kotse


niya. He is smiling at me.  

How I hate that smile. It made me fall for him again  

"good morning binbo ."  

Teka baka nagtataka kayo kung bakit binbo ang tawag niya sakin. That's a Japanese


term for poor.  

Matagal na niya kong tinatawag ng ganyan, since preschool pa!

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