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First, I have read books which might be similar to this book's title, but I promise you that in this book i have my own ideas and my own spins. was going to write this one ages ago, even before I read those books, but I didn't have time.

If you think this is a duplicate of someone else's book, I will tell you its not but you may talk to me about it or get the author of that book to come talk to me.

Plus I only used Walker because that's my second favourite last name. The first one is Evans and that didn't really fit in the title :L If you don't believe me, use Evans in the title instead of Walker.. it just doesn't sound right. :L


Layla Tanners, a 17 year old girl, was kicked out of her own house by her aunt and uncle. Her parents died a couple of years ago and since then, her aunt and uncle has taken custody of her. They made her life a living hell and one day, they've decided they couldn't put up with her anymore and decided to kick her out. Layla only knew one person she could go to. Her parent's best friends. Arianne and James Walker. What slipped from Layla's mind was that the Walkers had 6 sons, who were all players and known as the Sexy Six in the school that the Walkers had enrolled Layla in.

Will Layla survive living with the Walkers along with their 6 sons?


Name: Layla Tanners

Age: 17

Played by: Nina Dobrev

The Walker Brothers:

Name: Cameron Walker

Age: 19

Played by: Alex Pettyfer

Name: Trent Walker

Age: 18

Played by: John Turner - Hollister Model NOT THE PRIME MINISTER!

Name: Luke Walker

Age: 17

Played by: Zac Efron

Name: Jacob Walker

Age: 16

Played by: Luke Bilyk

Name: Zach Walker

Age: 15

Played by: Paddy Mitchell

Name: Kyle Walker

Age: 10

Played by: Davis Cleveland