Jack and Periwinkle


I fell on a near by branch and almost broke one of my wings. As I slowly regained consciousness I realized I was no longer on a branch I was in a pocket of some sort. Both sides were open and I was able to easily lay down with room to spare. The pocket was cold just the way I liked it. Suddenly I felt a jolt, I looked out the pocket hole and saw a staff looking device on the ground.

I decided to go check it out. When i tried to fly I couldn't. I walked out of the pocket hole to see the staff. I couldn't figure out what it was. (Where was Tink when you needed her!!) When I touched the staff, I was cold to the touch but i didn't mind it felt nice.

"Good your conscious again!" Said a mysterious voice that seemed to be above me.

"Who are you?" I said while looking around

"Me? I'm Jack Frost!"

I almost passed.

"The Jack Frost?"

"The one and only!" He said with a grin

"Wow... You're real! All of my friends think your a myth." I said remembering Spike.

"Not surprised. Everyone does."

"Oh. That must be terrible."

"Yea, not the best thing in the world but hey! I got my frost!"

I almost yelped with joy! He frosted too!!

"Me too!"

"What do you say we have a snow day?!" Jack replied with a sly grin

"Let's do it!" I was suddenly able to fly again. I soon learned that Jack could fly- well sorta he had the wind carry him where he needed to go. We were making snow and frost go every where, until a dark, black shadow. Came over us. Me and Jack looked at each other both knowing who it was with out looking. It was Pitch, Pitch Black

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