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Short, Sexy, Adult Stories


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The Warden 

(One on one, no kink, Vanilla sex)

Michelle sighed as the guard cuffed her. Again. She'd been in fights 3 days in a row, and she'd only been in this new prison for 3 days! 10 years of being locked up hadn't been able to cure her "bad attitude": this place was showing no signs of being any different from the others.

"Y'all have cameras, you know that bitch Stacey started the fight. So explain to me why the hell I'm being cuffed?!" She exclaimed.

"Shut up."

'Great communication skills,' Michelle thought sarcastically.

"Just write me up AGAIN. Just like last time someone attacked me with a sharpened piece of metal. Trying to shank my ass while I'm sleeping, lil sneak."

"I said shut up. You're not getting wrote up," the guard said while leading Michelle up the stairs.

"You'd be a hell of a lot friendlier without that stick up your ass, I'd bet."

Suddenly the guard was in her face and snarled, "That's it, I'm through being nice to ungrateful bitches like you."

He turned Michelle back up the stairs- but with one painful difference. Her finger was in his hand, bent backwards almost to the point of breaking. If she said one more word, he had promised to snap it.

Looking around Michelle watched as they went down a deserted corridor, finally stopping in front of a massive wood door. Matt knocked on it and Michelle heard a click as it unlocked.

She was roughly pushed forward into an office. A man in his mid 30's sat behind a large, antique, wooden desk. He looked up as they entered and Michelle saw that he was a handsome man with tanned skin, blue eyes, and dark, curly hair. He was built in a lean, muscular, predatory way. Looking down at the desk Michelle saw a nameplate:


'Just my luck, the most desirable man I've seen in 10 years is the Warden.' She thought.

"So, Michelle A'Leria. You've been here 3 days. Fighting, unruly behavior, mouthing off, disobedience, multiple discipline accounts...did I miss anything?" The Warden asked, walking around to lean against the front of his desk.

Michelle barely heard what he said- she was captivated watching his mouth move. She thought of all the wonderful things that mouth could do to her body and felt herself getting wet. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Licking her lips she tried again.

"I was only defending myself in those fights!"

The warden simply cocked an eyebrow, as if amused by her temper. Looking at the guard he nodded and said, "That'll be all for now, I'll call you when we're done here."

The guard scowled, but left the room anyway. She watched as the Warden pressed a button on his desk and heard the door lock. Michelle's nerves kicked in at the sound. She was locked in here, handcuffed, alone with the Warden.

She couldn't stop the involuntary shudder that swept through her as he stepped behind her. There was no denying she was at his mercy, the thought both scared and stimulated her.

"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you." the Warden breathed into her ear. She felt his hands on her wrists, then the handcuffs clipped open and were removed. He went around her and leaned on his desk again.

"Warden, what's going on?"

"You've been an inmate of several prisons for the past 10 years, is that correct?"

"Why does that matter? You've obviously read my file, so why don't we just cut the bullshit," Michelle stated, getting angry again.

"Fine, cards on the table. You've never requested conjugal visits- why?"

"None of your business, Warden."

"I'm not the Warden right now. Call me Anthony, as for why...we're just having a friendly conversation."

'Okay,' Michelle thought, 'I have officially lost my freaking mind! A "friendly conversation" with my Warden...Anthony? Fine, I'll play along.'

"Because there's no one out there that I want to have sex with."

"I like your answer Michelle. Only one more question. Come here first, I want to show you something."

Anthony held out his hand for hers, waiting patiently. Finally, Michelle put her hand in his. He turned and walked her to a door at the side of the room. He opened the door watching for her reaction and Michelle gasped in surprise, unconsciously walking into the room. Anthony stayed in the doorway, his eyes never leaving her body.

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