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Dark Bright Night...(TwilightFanFiction)


The new main house is amazing. It is light wood and is in the moutains. It has slanted roofs, wooden and big main windows with wooden frames. The rooms are wide and the stairs dark wood. The furniture is already there and it looks beautiful and homely. I look at the rooms and its alot nicer than Forks to be hoenst. Trevor and Leah have a small cabin house on the side of the town, Seth whos attualy 27 but aged to 17 has 'fostered' Sarah and they have a house together near leah but closer to us. I count the rooms. 2 living rooms, a kitchen (i dont really know why), I go upstairs. Auntie Alices room is very pretty. Uncle Jaspers is simply posters and his computor, Uncle Emmetts i dont see knowing hes in there. Auntie Roses is very nice the lavender and pink make it perfect. Carsile has his study which is piled high with books and Esma's room which she just has her drawing things in. Theres one more room which holds the grey sofas, piano and books. Wheres my room i think. "Nessie" Mom shouts. "Coming" i say and speed full speed down stairs. "Nessie come with me and Jake" says Dad, i follow obidently. We walk through over the gravel and into deeper moutains then the forest. 5 minutes later we get to a small house. Its deep panelled wood and standing tall. The roof is light wood. "Welcome home." says dad. I look at him puzzled and confused. "What? you dont want me in the house?" i say startled. "No, silly! This is yours and Jakes new home but if you dont want there is another bit to the house if you walk round the back and in another bungalow which is there is you want." He says smiling. I scream. "THANK YOU SOO MUCH!" I shout, hugging jake. "I love you both so much!" i say hugging dad. "I'll leave you to explore" he side smiles then is gone in a blink. "This is terrefic" i smile at Jake who still looks like hes still in good shock. "COME ON!" I say pulling his hand. He follows. We open the door. Theres a warm welcoming hall way infrount. I pull him into the left room. Its a living room 2 brown leather sofas theres a brown and cream spotty rug. Theres black wood funtiure and a warm oak fire place the celing is built high and beamed. Very high for Jake i guess. "w-o-w." Jake manages to get out. 'Look!" i pull him towards the doors on the oppisite side to the door we came in i push them open. Theres a desk with a i-mac on and books. "This is so good..." i mutter. The walls are light wooded panneled and a small fire burns in the fire place. Theres to white and fluffy seats and a coffee table in the middle. Theres a kitchen which is black marble and has many cool features. Jake is the only one who uses the kitchen. We go upstairs which are black carperted and there only 2 rooms up there. The first one is a wardrobe. "ALICCEEEE!" i moan. The second one is a bedroom. Theres a perfect black and white theme. The curatins hang over the window theres a wardrobe fore Jacob then a huge super king size bed in the middle with black covers and white curtains around it. "The cullens are truley amazing at this kind of thing' jacob eyes are teary. 'We have a house together" i squeal. He takes me in his arms. We walk arm in arm to the main house. I run up to Dad and Mom and hug them hard. "Thank you!" i shout. "Edward, Bella thank you!" Jacob looks so happy. "Don't thank us!" they murmer as i hug them so tight 'It was Esma and Auntie Alice and well Uncle Emmett..." starts Dad. "I wanted to say sorry...." Uncle Emmett looks at the floor. "I know im sorry" I add. Smiling, this is going be a good life. "Thanks Uncle Emmett and Auntie Alice" i say as i hug them both as Auntie Alice comes in. "Thank you so much" Jacob adds nodding at them both. "Now wheres Esma!" I shout bouncing into the other rooms. I go up to Carsile study. There both in there Carsile typing and Esma moving books. "Thank you ! so much" i scream hugging Esma nearly knocking her flat over. "Its okay its what i do best; well apart from keeping all of you tame" she laughs. "Carsile i havent thanked you enough" Jacob says. "For what??" Carsile says turning around. "For this a new life and everything really" Jake murmers. Hes so sweet. I laugh at that thought that seems to be a regular occurance. We skip back home. Well i skip Jacob just laughs at me in a good way. "this is unreal" i smile as we get home. I go up the stairs and get washed and changed. "Nessie!' i climb into bed along side Jake which feels odd but good. I roll over onto Jacobs chest. "This is perfect." i say. "Just..." he kisses me. I kiss him back. "Is Emmett outside?" Jacob laughs as he traces his fingers down my back. I laugh a bit and glance at the windows that the curtains cover. "do you want to?" he asks. "Jacob Black, i love you why would i turn it down after the other night"... 

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Taylor Lautneras Jacob Black
Robert Pattinsonas Edward Cullen
Kristen Stewartas Bella Cullen
Ashley Greeneas Alice Cullen
Jackson Rathboneas Jasper Cullen
Nikki Reedas Rose Cullen
Kellan Lutzas Emmett Cullen
Peter Facinellias Carlisle Cullen
Elizabeth Reaseras Esma Cullen

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