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The Player's Bestfriend.


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Chapter One


Nicole Taylor's P.O.V*



" Nicki hurry up, were going to be late" Yelled James from downstairs.

Looking in the mirror I tousled my blonde hair one more time and ran down the stairs " Im here, Im here"

" Good, now wait I wanna eat" He smirked and bit into the pancake's my mom made.

Mom laughed and smiled at me" You two are senior's now, I remember when you two were in diapers."

" Mom that was James, I gave up on those when I turned five" I teased.

James swallowed his food and said " Hey I was scared the toilet was going to swallow me"

" Yeah, Yeah" Sitting by him, I grabbed his fork and ate some of the pancake's.

Grabbing the fork back from my hand he said " My food, get your own"

" Im going to work late today sweety, and your father is also working late in the office. Have a good day sweety and you too James. By the way tell your mother to come over some time soon I havent seen her in a couple of days" Mom kissed my forehead before she grabbed her briefcase and began walking out the screen door.

" Sure Mrs. Taylor" James yelled after her.

Grabbing the plate from James I threw it into the sink, grabbed his arm and pulled him after me " As you said we have too go"

" That was my pancake" He whined.

Rolling my eye's, I pushed him toward his Ferreri " I'll make you some when we get back from school."

" You better, get in" He went around and got in the car.

I jumped over the door and sat in the chair. " I will"

" Dont do that your going to hurt yourself" He said as he began driving.

My house faded into the background while I fliped the radio on " No im not, Im strong"

" Okay believe that, flip to 98.7" That had some good music.

So I flipped to it the song Private Dancer was playing so I blasted it " I love this song" I yelled.

James laughed as I sung along, dancing in my seat. Today was our first day of Senior Year at Richmond High so I dressed pretty cute. A pair of ripped skinny jean's, tank top and purple leather jacket, with a pair of purple heel's. I even put some purple eyeliner so my blue eye's would pop. Since our mascot color's were purple and black and today we would have the RICHMOND HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT COMPETITION.. yeah I know totally saying it in sarcasm but I wanted to win this year, always Ashley Pickett won I mean like comeon your really going to dye your hair purple that's a little extreme. Even James was dressed up for the Spirit thing, he was wearing a purple buttoned down shirt with a pair of faded jean's that had little purple paint marks on them and purple converse. And of course his Football jacket- which was also in purple. Since he A.L.W.A.Y.S won - not kidding every year he win's- I decided I wanted to win this time. Not that im competetive you know just sucks.

" Earth to Nicole, hellooo" James was waving his hand infront of my face.

Snapping out of my trance I said " Huh?"

" Were here, remember school the thing were stuck in untill were 18" He reminded me.

I nodded " Yeah, I know. Let's go we cant be late."

" Say's the girl in fantasy world" He teased.

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Cam Gigandetas James Ryan
Ashley Bensonas Nicole Taylor
Lucy Haleas Serena Taylor
Aaliyah Dana Haughtonas Emily Long
James Maslowas Jason Knight
Hayden Panettiereas Blaire Philips
Channing Tatumas Alex Ryan

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