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A/N okay im Sorry for those who felt uncomfortable reading that last chapter. But I did warn you it was a little bit sexual ;] it probably won't be any worse than that.

But I'm not sure...

Nah im kidding. You think its awkward reading it? You're not the one who's writing it when your Christian grandparents are doing the ironing directly. Behind. You...

Anyways... I hope you guys are enjoying the book. If you could vomment, id be really appreciative of it. I'd love to see what yous think! :)

Enjoy Cellosaurs!


'Frank! Wake up! You've got school honey!' My mum shouts up the stairs. I roll over and unceremoniously fall face first onto the floor with a thud. I groan and jump up, a blush already creeping onto my face as I think about last night. I push that thought to the back of my mind. Oh boy I must look like a blushing school girl.

Do i think last night was rushed? No. Not in the slightest. Although it did feel creepy that we barely know eachother and he was so close to sucking me off. Oh god. That term makes me blush like mad again.

I quickly pull on my school uniform and run a hand through my charcoal black hair. Then I pick up my phone and plug my headphones in. That's when I notice a text message from an unknown number.

"Meet me at the cemetery asap ;]


I smile, realising its from Gerard. Then I frown. Won't that mean being late for school? Wait, who am i kidding? I'm always late for school!

I save the number in my phone as Geebear. Yeah yeah, I'm sentimental. Sue me. Then I sneak down stairs and walk speedily into the kitchen. I down the scolding hot coffee my mum made for me and rush towards the door.

'Bye mum!' I shout into the livingroom. My mum jumps and then scowls at me. But i can tell she's smiling slightly. She's a pretty easy going person. Then i open the door and trudge down the road, the snow crunching under my feet.

I press play on my phone and Cancer Bats Sabotage blares in my ears, making me jump and turn it down. Then I skip to the next song and Green Day Stray Heart plays. I always love listening to this song. It reminds me that I want Gerard and I can never get him because he's Mikeys brother. But I don't know wether thats still the case now. Is Gerard my boyfriend? I don't know. We never made anything official last night. We were too busy doing other things.

Until my mum interrupted us.

The walk to the cemetery doesn't take too long. And I walk up the slight hill and find a bench that's secluded from everywhere else. I wipe some of the snow off the seat, freezing my fingers, and sit down on it. I place my phone in my blazer pocket and look around me, searching for Gerard. I'm probably a bit early.

I shiver and pull my blazer sleeves down further, stretching the flimsy material. It's freezing cold. I'm really starting to regret not bringing a coat or something with me.

'Boo.' Someone whispers in my ear, wrapping their arms around me. I know instantly who that harmonious voice belongs to.

I giggle and turn around slightly, seeing Gerard grinning and resting his head on my shoulder.

'Hey.' I reply, watching him retract his arms and slide next to me on the bench. Were still sitting with about half a metre between us. I notice he's wearing his school uniform too, but he has his black coat and black and blue stripey scarf over the top. Well at least one of us is sensible.

'Hey... you look cold.' Gerard mumbles frowning. Then he pulls his scarf of and edges closer to me. He strings the scarf around my neck and tightens it. For some reason, I feel shy. So i blush and keep my head down until he's finished with the scarf.