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Blurred Vision (Seth Clearwater / Twilight)

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Jasmine's POV

Seth was almost jumping. He looked really happy all the time and he wouldn't stop smiling. We were apparently not staying at Emily's today. He practically ran through the door there. He picked up a bag and then we were out of the house. 

"Seth I'm so curious," I whined and he laughed at me. We walked into the forrest.  

"You'll just have to wait," he chuckled and I smiled. We held hands while walking through the forrest. He was so perfect. But just touching him, being close to him gave me some sort of satisfaction. I know I wanted more. But this was enough. It was almost painful being away from him.

I wondered if that had anything to do with the imprinting. It had to be. Because it's not suppose to feel this way. I need him, more and more each day. I rested my head against his arm. I wasn't tall enough to rest my head on his shoulder.  

"What are we going to do then?" I asked and sighed. He chuckled. 

"We're just gonna have some time together. Get to know each other," he smiled. 

"You're perfect," I mumbled, not meaning for him to hear.  

"You're perfect," he told me. 

"Damn, werewolf hearing," I said and hit my forehead. He chuckled at me. 

"It's nice hearing you say those things anyway. You have the lips of an angel," he whispered the last part and I shivered. I stopped him and turned towards him. He smirked at me. "Now I would like to taste those lips," he mumbled when he was really close to my face. I stood up on my tip toes and pressed my lips on his. Like always we couldn't just do a simple kiss. We had to get all wrapped up in it. We pressed our body's closer too. We just wanted to be close. We only pulled away when I needed air. His lips just consumed me, there was no way to stop once I had started. 

"I love you," he said into my hair. I was breathing heavy. 

"I love you too," did I just say that? I slammed my hand over my mouth. He stared at me in an awww. I shook my head with my hand over my mouth. Is what I'm feeling love? How can I know? I've never felt love! I've never been in love. "I love you," I tested the words in my mouth. They sounded true and real. It also send butterflies to my stomach. I nodded and looked up at his face. "I love you too

"You have no idea of how you make me feel when you say that," he whispered getting closer to my face. He kissed me again. But the kiss felt different. It was so passionate it took my breath away. His lips worked mine so good and I don't know how to describe the feeling. It was just... So good.  

"Come on, we're not even at the meadow yet," Seth said with a raspy and deep voice when we pulled away. 

"AHA, we're going to a meadow," I said and pushed my finger in his chest. His chest vibrated when he laughed at me. 

"Oops, I was not gonna say that," he said and looked down.  

"That doesn't matter. You're so sweet that came up with it anyway," I said and blushed.  

"Well, then let's go there. And stop distracting me or I'll say everything that's on my mind," he winked at me. I blushed for no reason and took his hand. We started walking again.  

We walked into a meadow full of flowers. They were in all kind of colors and shapes. 

"Ahahaha, it's so beautiful," I said, trying to take it all in. 

"I'm glad you like it," he said low and then dragged my hand. He pulled up a blanket from his bag and we sat down in the middle. The flowers were so high that I couldn't see over them. We talked for a while. About everything, each others favorites and stuff like that. 

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