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Can You Be Mine ? (Greyson FanFic Story)


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Your POV

I remembered what Greyson said. He's gonna go home right after, right after OUR DATE?! Ehem, not a date :)

"YN, I had so much fun ! I wish we could still be together." he said when we were sitting on the bench. WERE JUST VERY TIRED.

"It's okay ! maybe next time we'll see each other again !"

"I don't want next time, I want FOREVER."

"sus ! Echucherong Frog !"

"what ? I didn't understand."

"oh, nothing. don't mind it Stinky Nose. hahahah "

"heh. by the way, Sweet Sugar, do you have a boyfriend ?"

why does he ask some questions !!! >///////>

"n-nothing, I'm SINGLE. as in, FOREVER SINGLE."

"hmm ? you'll be taken someday. (smiles)"

"I hope it will !!!!!!"

"don't be bored, you will have to."

"okay ? so, what's up in U.S ?"

"the same, screaming girls, oh I mean, screaming fans, and such a cold temperature..."

"ohhh, so, we will continue your tour tomorrow ?"

"ughhh, I said I don't want to go home on U.S. I will stay here with my brother. I know he will agree."

"so, why then, try to call him ?"'

"nice. wait."


Greyson's POV

I don't want to go home in U.S. already ! I'm sure my cool bro will agree. >:)

then, I called Tanner.

(so here's the conversation)

Tanner: hello ?

Greyson: Tanner ! please ! I don't want to go home in U.S already !"

Tanner: why ? Is that because of your fan ?

Greyson: what do you think !!

Tanner: oh okay,,,,, so, what ?

Greyson: stay here with me !

Tanner: wha-what ?! why !

Greyson: I will stay here, no matter what !

Tanner: but ! your career,

Greyson: I don't care ! please ! stay here with me ! just this once ! I'm having a good times when I am with her !

Tanner: okay. I will let mom know.

Greyson: please, will you ? Just for,,  me ? please... please.. please..

Tanner: alright, alright ! stop with those baby cries. I will stay here. so, how long ?

Greyson: I don't know, I think when I court her, then, we will go home."

Tanner: wha-what ? court ! who ? that girl ?

Greyson: what ?! did I just say "court" ? I'm not saying a thing like that ! then, I blushed.

Tanner: are you out of your mind ?! can I talk to that girl ?

Greyson: why ! I don't want ! she's mine.

Tanner: Look ! You're inlove with her ! you freak, I never imagined that a pop singer like you will be inlove with his fan.

Greyson: now ! you imagined it. haha. Thanks Tanner !

Tanner: okay, okay, see ya later.

Greyson: okay !

then, I hung up.

"Stinky nose, long conversation, huh ?"

"sweet sugar, Tanner agreed !"

"really ?!"

"yeah ! so, I will be here until tomorrow, ehem, I mean, FOREVER."

"forever ? your so weird, stinky nose.'

"hahahah, I'm just happy."

"hmmm ? so, wanna go to my house ?"

"yeah sure !'

then, we drove to her house.

"stinky nose, my house is not that big, eh ?"

"no ! it's big ! let's enter immediately !"

"okay okay ! you're not that excited huh."


then, we entered her house.

"I'm home ! with a guy."

"oh, YN ! so how's the day ?" her sister siad.

"it's fine ! we enjoyed."

"oh, uh ! I didn't notice ! Hi, I'm YSN."

"um, hello."

"come on ! don't be shy ! stinky nose is so shy."

"hey, sweet sugar ! I'm not a shy boy at all !" then, I blushed.

"wow ! what's with that, "stinky nose" and "sweet sugar" eh ?" her sister teased us.

"oh nothing ! by the way, mom and dad, are they here yet ?"

"nah, they said they were too busy to come home early."

"oh, okay. ahh, SISTAR, we will go upstairs !"

"okay ! I'll bring you some juice."

"okay !"

Your POV

then, we go upstairs. in my mind, I was shy to show Greyson my front door. why ? co'z it's full of pictures of him ! and there were a letter that says:


"sweet sugar, why do you keep covering your front door ?"

"ahh, nothing ! ahh, I just-"

"wow, so many pictures of mine ! you're really a Greysonator huh ? and, what's with that letter ? "this is the room for me and Greyson" ? wow,it will, someday. hahaha"

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