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Niall Horan Dirty Imagine


This is my first imagine so please no hateful comments. Okay i hope you like! ;)


*Your P.O.V


You were on your way over to your boyfriend Niall horan's house because he called an hour earlier for you to be ready cuz he was goin to pick you up. He said he had a surprise and he'll be there in an hour. So you were excited because there was no special thing going on. So with that you get ready.

You look through your closet not finding anything to wear. You start to panic because Niall was going to be there in 30 minutes. You walk over to your bed and fall on it. Then you hear the doorbell and you jump. You think its Niall coming to pick you up so you run down the stairs and open the door. Only to find nobody there except a box on the floor with a note and a rose.

You pick up the box and run back to your room. You get the note and start to read it

"Hey Babe! I just wanted give you a little present," you stop reading and open the box to find a very cute green dress with one strap and its kinda split a little down your right leg. You continue reading.

"...i want you to wear this for me tonight. I know you'll look so gorgeous in it. Cant wait for you to come over. Love ya! -Niall." As you were reading you could hear his sexy irish accent in your head and get a little wet down there. And that makes you wanna hurry up and get dressed so you can be with him.

You take out the dress and go to your bathroom to put it on. You turn around and look in the mirror. Niall was right you did look gorgeous in the dress. So you decide to put just a touch of make up on because you know how Niall doesnt like a lot on you. You then jump again because someone had knocked on the door. And immediatly you knew it was Niall. Whenever he came over he always knocked the same so you always knew who it was.

You practically almost fall down the stairs because you wanted to get to the door.

"Hey (y/n)!!! I've been waiting to see you for like.....all day!!" He says while giving your lips a light kiss.

"I know me too," you return the favor and give him a wet kiss and you feel something hard on your thigh and you get wet again." So what's the ocassion?" You say in between the kiss. He pulls away and starts to tell you.

"Cant a hot guy...,"he winks,"plan a special evening with his insanely beautiful girlfriend?" He says giving you a peck on the cheek. He was always so nice a romantic like this. And you loved how he always looked sexy in his Ralph Lauren polos. You cant help yourself you lean in and kiss his neck wishing to leave a mark. You continue kissing until you reach his sweet spot. You hear him let out a small moan and feel the bulge in his pants growing.

"I want you Niall.....right now." You say in ur sexiest voice possible. You continue kissing up his neck back up to his lips giving him a passionate kiss. You feel his warm hands grab you by the waist and pull you closer. You wrap your arms around his neck and you moan a little in his mouth.

You then feel his tongue dance on your bottom lip asking for access. You let him in and he explores every inch of your mouth. You guys fight for dominence and you win.

"You know your gonna pay for that" he says pulling away only for a second.

"I know..," you say winking at him,"take me to the bedroom." You whisper in his neck. He obeys and carries you upstairs bridal style.

You get up to the bedroom and he gently throughs you onto the bed starting to unbutton his shirt. Before he got to the last few buttons you just rip it off impatiently admiring his sexy abs. He gives you a long and passionate kiss while starting to unzip your dress so carefully making sure not to rip it. You start to undo his belt and pull his pants down leaving both you in ur underwear and bra and him in his boxers. You see how big his length is and you get wet even more than before. He starts kissing you and slwly moves down ur neck and you moan. You feel him smile and now he's kissing ur stomach makin his way down to you panty line.

He sexily grabs them with his teeth and pulls them off.

"Niall stop teasing! I need you inside of me!" You say starring him in the eyes with lust. And with that he softly kisses your clit and you moan.

"Okay, are you ready?" You nod as he slides one finger into you. You moan again a little louder this time. He starts out slow then picks up the speed. And by then he already has three fingers inside of you pumping in and out as fast as he can. Every time he pushes in he's hitting ur g-spot and ur moans get louder,"Oh Niall! I-i think im g-g-going to...." Your cut off by ur moan because Niall went faster. You then reach your high. And are breathless.

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