One Direction (dirty) one shots *ON HOLD*

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HI, my name's Angela! And I am a BIG fan of One Direction. I know probably every detail about them! :p You see, couple days ago I entered a contest. If you win it you get to spend a HOLE week with... ONE DIRECTION!!!! AHHHHH, I'm so nerveous. WHy? Well cause, guess? I won!!!! I'm sooo happy! I could die like right now! No, I can't die know, One Direction are about the week with me. I meen come on! You just don't die before seeing One Direction! lol :D 

*Ding Dong* The bell of my appartement ringed. I flew down the stairs and stood in front of the door. Open it! Open it! I chanted in my head. I lifted my arms and put my hand on the doorknob. I slowly, very slowly turned it; like if the person behind the door is gonna kill me. I fully opened the door and there stood Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. OMG!! I think I'm gonna faint! I mean who wouldn't? 

" Hello love!" Harry said with his chessire accent. Oh my gawd! I maybe have a crush on Harry... I guess it's the curls! Yeah, that's probably it! 

" Hi! " I responed shyly. 

I looked up to Harry's face and felt myself stare into these electrifing green eyes. I gasped. 

" Umm.. Can we come in?" Zayn asked akwardly. I tore my eyes from HIS and smiled big.

" Of course! " I stod asied to let them in. I closed the door behind them. Niall shouted

" Kitchen!! FOOD!" I laughed, that's Niall for you! Harry wraped his arms around my waist and whispered in my ears. " I hungry also but only for something else." He smirked as I blushed understanding him. I looked down to see he had a boner. Just by the sight of it I moaned. 

" Get the boys, I waiting upstairs " I whispered back. I groped his c@ck and pushed it up. He groaned and I fled to my room. I walked to my closet and took out my lingerie. I picked red laced matching undergames. The underware was a string and the bra only covered my tits. Over that I put a very short red dress and came to my bum. You could see right trough it. Yeah I know how to seduice people. :D I picked my red lipstick and put some on. Just then the boys in. I let my lipstick fall but it didn't break. Ouf! I bend down to picked it up. I heard the boys gasp, I smirked. I slowly stood upand walked to them.

" You guys have been naughty! For your punishement, I order you to strip." I said in a teasing voice. I'm such a tease! ;D They hurrily striped to their boxers and I could see they were hard. I fell to my knees and took in my hands Zayn's and Niall's boxers and in one swift movement, I took them off. Their lenghts spran up and hit their chest. I moved to Harry and the same thing. Then I took Harry's lenght in my mouth and grabed the other two in my hands. I started to bob up and down my head on Harry dick and pumped Niall and Zayn's. Their loud moans filled the room. Harry in my mouth and I soalowed as the other c@ck came in my hand. I stood up and let the boys rip my lingerie off and push me on the bed. Niall came behind me and Harry in front of me. They both slamed into me at the same time. I gasped at the shock but then moaned like crazy! They both were soo rough and fast! OMG! I motionned Zayn to com, he did, and I took his lenght in my mouth. I sucked and moaned in Zayn's dick. He roalled his eyes back into his skull and moaned, groaned and panted like a maniac! I could feal the two dicks inside of me come as did Zayn in my mouth. Harry and Niall came out of me and Zayn pulled out of my mouth. Zayn picked me up as I put my legs around his waist. He started kissing me roughfly and slamed on the wall. He possionned himself at my entrens and thrusted into me with suck force that I could fell him in my stomek. I turned my head to see Niall fucking Harry on my bed. But after that I don't remerberd anything. All I know was that that night was the best night of my life! 


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Harry, Zayn and Niall 4some

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